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Bass fishing fun

image 1st Place Big Bass winner: Ken Allen, Southwest Construction Services: 10.5lb. bass

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Seeing contractors and subcontractors together is no big deal in the construction industry, it happens all the time. Coming together for a little competitive fishing is no different. Members from both the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) and TEXO took to the waters on Apr. 13-14 at Lake Bob Sandlin. –cwm




Tournament winners included:
2nd Place: MEDCO Construction 16.75lbs.: Douglas Freeman and Ronnie Robertson
3rd Place: Sunbelt Building Services 14.98lb.s: Mark Ostrander and Syd Singer
4th Place: Austin Commercial 13.12lbs.: Jeff Baugus and Bob Gross
5th Place: BakerTriangle 12.67lbs, Stephen Chavez and Chris Newton
6th Place: Humphrey and Associates 12.5lbs.: Trey  and Charles Mackey
7th Place: JE Dunn Construction 12.22lbs.: Marc Hutson and Mitch Layton
8th Place: Brandt 11.96lbs.: Shawn Casey and Charles Fisher
9th Place:
TDIndustries, 11.64lbs., Jay Scott and Mark Parrish
10th Place: Brandt 11.32lbs.: Scott Hooper and Joe Schirf

Big Bass winners:
2nd Place: Trey Mackey, Humphrey Associates: 6.18lb. bass
3rd Place: Mark Ostrander, Sunbelt Building Services: 5.79lb. bass

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