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They’re in it together

image Nearly 350 students and family members attended CEF’s first annual All Trades Student Appreciation Barbecue.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - In the past, each of the Construction Education Foundation’s (CEF) seven trade councils hosted its own barbecue for its program’s students. Although thoughtful, hosting seven separate barbecues wasn’t practical and didn’t foster a sense of community among the students.




    “Our students never saw each other,” Jane Hanna, CEF president and executive director, explained.
    This year, the CEF staff decided to work smarter and not harder in their hosting duties, and streamlined the events into one, creating its first annual “All Trades Student Appreciation Barbecue.”   
    “We didn’t know how it was going to turn out,” Lori Purviance, CEF’s special events and facilities manager explains. “We had no expectation, because it’s not a mandatory thing. If the event falls on your class night, obviously you will be here. But to get students to come back a second night is hard.”
    “We were worried no one was going to show up, but we filled up the tent!” Hanna says.
    More than 350 students, instructors and family members gathered at CEF’s Irving office on May 11 to celebrate being in the trades together.
    “It really turned out well; we were thrilled,” Hanna says. –mjm

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