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Accounting – Soggy numbers: 6 common accounting mistakes to avoid

DALLAS – You’re probably familiar with the term “crunch the numbers.” Well, in a tumultuous industry like construction, it’s all too easy to let crisp, timely financials go soggy with outdated data and flat-out mistakes. Here are six common accounting errors to avoid....

Created by : cwright
02/24/2017 17:32:00 | Viewed: 0

Insurance – Five important issues to monitor in 2017

HOUSTON – New administrations bring new challenges to the professional realm, and the Trump administration is no exception. Many of the former administration’s health care initiatives are being rolled back or halted. This leaves employers in an uncertain place in regard to compliance regulations and reform laws....

Created by : cwright
02/24/2017 17:35:00 | Viewed: 0

Legal – Sports’ world provides guidance for the construction project file

SAN ANTONIO – Sadly, football season is over. As we lament what our team’s season could have been and dream about what next year’s season will bring, we can apply two quotes from the sports’ world to the construction industry – specifically to the construction project file to support claims for changes: 1. “It starts with complete command of the fundamentals.” – Jesse Owens 2.“The best defense is a good offense.” – Vince L...

Created by : cwright
02/24/2017 17:40:00 | Viewed: 0

OSHA – Stairways used during construction

AUSTIN – The following requirements apply to all stairways used during construction:...

Created by : rdoebblercn
02/24/2017 17:45:00 | Viewed: 0