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Roofing for fish


AUSTIN - The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) held their 16th Annual Fishing Tournament May 2-4. The highly successful tournament was held a Woody’s Sports Center in Port Aransas. -cmw




May 2 Winners:
2nd Place Heavy Stringer: Strata – Strata Roofing & Construction, 37.30lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Stringer: GAF, 36.77lbs.

1st Place Heavy Trout: Jeremy Jackson, 5.65lbs.
2nd Place Heavy Trout: Gary Brock, 4.92lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Trout: Hugo Dammann, 4.87lbs.

1st Place Heavy Redfish: Dan Marshall, 7.92lbs.
2nd Place Heavy Redfish: Kevin Wilson, 7.78lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Redfish: Colton Rise, 7.42lbs.

Spot Pot: 9 Spots (Tie) Francisco Esparza and Corey Winters

May 3 Winners:

2nd Place Heavy Stringer: Outcast – Tri-Lam Roofing & Waterproofing, 35.90lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Stringer: ABC Corpus, 35.05lbs.

1st Place Heavy Trout: Scott Brown, 4.78lbs.
2nd Place Heavy Trout: Scott Brown, 4.03lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Trout:  Tony Urquidi, 2.65lbs.

1st Place Heavy Redfish: Paul Shantz, 8.49lbs.
2nd Place Heavy Redfish: Daniel Steinbrenner, 8.36lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Redfish: Nathan Blackwelder, 8.24lbs.

Spot Pot: 16 Spots, Tommy Smith

May 4 Winners:
2nd Place Heavy Stringer: Classic 2 – Classic Construction & Restoration, 33.07lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Stringer: Master Bait-men – ABC Supply, 32.06lbs.

1st Place Heavy Trout: Bruce Crawford, 7.11lbs.
2nd Place Heavy Trout:
Billy Smith, 4.46lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Trout: 
David Vazquez, 4.39lbs.

2nd Place Heavy Redfish: Brad Harvey, 6.96lbs.
3rd Place Heavy Redfish: Steve Painter, 6.95lbs.

Spot Pot: 9 Spots, Kendra Wisnoskie

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