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Resourceful catch

image Craig McCrary, sales manager holds a shark by its fin on the side of the boat.

AUSTIN - Now this is what we like to share. The SERVPRO of San Marcos team recently took a company fishing trip to Port O’ Connor, TX.







Owner, Darby Wright and some of his team members took kayaks and a jon boat to fish the area. There was success with redfish and trout. Wright said, “We also had several days of guided fishing, where we caught bull redfish (all released) and some big sharks.” Several that were caught were harvested and the meat was donated to local San Marcos families, “who are in need of this rich source of protein,” said Wright. SERVPRO Ladies, you’re next! Wright also shares that the next fishing trip is for the office, sales and production ladies. “Us guys hope they don’t top our fishing success, because we’ll never hear the end of it,” Wright jokingly added. -lv

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