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Small Superheroes

image L-R: Chelsey Minchew, Cathy Minchew, Tony Meeks, Dustin Minchew, Debbie Meeks, Miranda Minchew, Terri Fleming, Alex Wildes, Chris Idelson, Jessamy Wieser, and Stephanie Myszka. In front, the adorable Asher Minchew.

AUSTIN - Terri Fleming with Rogers-O’Brien Construction shared photos from the 5K March of Dimes for Babies held in Round Rock on May 13.








    “Although these babies were born small, they showed us how big and brave they really are!  The challenges they have faced and overcome are nothing short of superhero strength,” says Fleming.
    Miranda Minchew, Asher’s mother said, “I get to raise my hero. He has showed me more strength and courage than anyone my own age. When he was born at 24 weeks and 1 day, weighing only 1 lb. 13 oz., the first thing I thought of when I saw him in his transportation isolate was not how small he was or how many wires and tubes were connected to him, but I’m so proud of you!  I walk for Asher and for other babies that had to fight to live, that persevered, and that taught us what true beauty is and for God’s grace. I walk for the little ones who went to God too soon for us to understand and I walk for the preemies graduating from college who beat all odds. I walk so one day babies can just be babies.”  –cmw

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