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Snake fever

image Stan Rothman, Blueline Rentals poses with his slithering conquest, a 6ft bull snake caught and released at Indian Cave Ranch, Doss, TX. Photo courtesy of Chandelle Schoch

AUSTIN - Most people run from snakes, some faint, and then there are a select few that just can’t seem to get their fill. This became very apparent while leaving Indian Cave Ranch in Doss, TX and a snake crossed the road. Stan Rothman, Blueline Rentals, stopped and jumped out of his truck, reached for his shotgun and went after the snake. Spotting the snake again in the grass, he started pursuing the snake, in flip-flops. Once he realized it was just a bull snake, the chase was on. He did not stop until he had caught the 6ft. reptile.


    Apparently this has been a passion of Stan’s since he was a small boy.  He and his older brother, Pat would go “snaking” in the bayous in Houston.  “We would take an old aluminum mop handle, run a thin rope up the tube of the handle, and make a loop at the end.  When we’d see a snake, we would loop the noose around its head, pull it tight and pull it up.”  It must have been there that he developed this fascination with snakes.  –cmw

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