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Spotlight - Josh Hager, Triple Crown Carpentry

image Josh Hager, Owner Triple Crown Carpentry, Austin, TX

AUSTIN - Josh Hager is a one-man business for Triple Crown Carpentry. He resides in Bastrop, TX while servicing to the greater Austin area. After going through many twists and turns in life, he is content where he is now. He makes time from his busy schedule to enjoy life one day at a time with his wife and son.




Where are you from?
    I am from Kingwood, TX. It is a suburb north of Houston. I graduated from Kingwood High School. I left after graduation.

What were your interests as a kid?
    I was interested in skateboarding and building skateboard ramps. I was into hard metal music, which I still listen to. In high school, I was in auto mechanics.

What is your family life like?
    I married my current wife in South Padre Island, TX. I have a 13-year-old son named Jhett. He takes after me in looks and behavior. He is rebellious like me!

What types of jobs did you have growing up?

    I had tons of jobs growing up. You name it – telemarketing, pizza delivery, dishwasher, fast food, lawn care, bartender, stay-at-home dad and a personal assistant to a video game programmer. I was finding my pathway in life. I went through different jobs searching what it is that I am passionate about.

What were your career goals growing up?

    I actually did not have career goals until I turned 30. I honestly did not know where I was supposed to be.

What was life like growing up?
    After high school, I joined the Marines. I hate structure, so I needed to leave. After that I traveled around Mexico and Central America for two years. I then came to Austin, TX. During this time, I worked in bartending and bar management, which I actually enjoyed. However, after my son was born, I had to leave bartending due to late hour shifts.

How did you get into your current field?

     Shortly after leaving bartending, I started working for a friend of mine who runs a high-end carpentry company doing custom cabinets and trim. I worked with him for about three-and-a-half years. I left due to conflicting issues. I then went to Maine for a couple weeks. There I had a friend persuade me to start my own carpentry business. He told me, “You know enough, you just don’t know everything.” He was right!
    I had learned a lot about trim, and I was good at it.  My past boss always had me do crown molding, setting doors, base boards and door castings. Math has always been a strength of mine too, which is helpful to have in this business.

What is your company like?

    I started around 2007. Shortly after, I started to receive more and more requests for cabinetry projects. Even though cabinetry was not my specialty, my days as a kid building skateboard ramps came in handy with the complexity and designing aspect of cabinetry.
    I am and have always been a one-man-shop. However, I do have a friend who helps out from time to time with installation. For the last eight years, I have mostly completed built-ins and custom ornate pieces. My entertainment built-ins usually take up a 12 to17 ft. wall.
    I had a friend who built my website, and he did an amazing job. Within two months, I was receiving so many inquiries and have been growing ever since.
    Austin’s continuing growth is helping the business, too. It came to a point where I had to take my phone number off the web due to the large amount of phone calls I was receiving and the long hours I was spending on the phone. I am always willing to help people and give advice, but it did take up the majority of my time that I need to spend on my projects. Clients can reach me through Yelp or email.

Who helped you starting out?

    Aaron Seibert is the owner of Precision Craft Woodworks. I worked for him a short time after my bartending days. He introduced me to the field. As for starting my own business, I learned along the way on my own.

What is the worst part about your job?
    The worst part is the people who have unrealistic expectations. Once in a while, I will have someone who shows me a picture from Pinterest and wants me to perform “magic.” I am always polite; I always want to help, but I will get a few impossible requests.

What is the best part about your job?

    The best part is my shop in my backyard that is only a few steps away from my home. It is a 1,200sf shop on my half-acre lot. It is in the middle of a pine forest – no honking and no traffic.

What types of jobs do you enjoy doing the most?

    I love craft carpentry. I make cool, intense cutting boards and bowls. People I know love them and take them from me because they are so amazed by my creations.

What is your most requested service?
    I receive a lot of requests for built-ins, entertainment centers, library studies with adjustable shelving and custom closets. I have even completed a custom closet for a local celebrity!

How do you spend your days off?

    When not working, I spend time with family and go on vacations. I have retired from my skateboarding days, but I do enjoy dirt biking and motor cross.  Fixing up my 1967 Mustang convertible is also fun because I like to fix things. Comedy skits and shows is also a big part of my life.

What is the best vacation you have taken?

    I love going to Las Vegas. I am actually going back in March. Last year was my wife’s first time there. We walked away with a profit of $1,000 from the Roulette wheel, which paid for our entire trip. Luck was on our side.
    We do go on local “stay-castions” too.  South Padre Island, Port Aransas, Dallas and San Antonio are favorite nearby destinations. 

What is your ultimate goal?
    The amount of inquires I get on a daily basis are absurd. My dream is for California Closets to call me and say, “Hey, you are cutting into our market, we will give you $250,000 to buy your company as a whole.”
    I am seriously consistently booked close to four months out. I do not have much time for myself, and I need it. I would sell my business. My ultimate goal is to enjoy life, spend time with people I love and have a beer.
    Triple Crown Carpentry is a carpentry subcontractor.  –tnp

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