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Spotlight - Raunel Tejeda, Built on the Rock Industries

image Raunel Tejeda, President, Built on the Rock Industries, Round Rock, TX

AUSTIN - In 2009, President Raunel Tejeda switched his company name from Exodus Construction, which is still how they do business, to Built on the Rock Industries. With the new name and logo, Tejeda, continues to operate and specialize in commercial construction. Not only did he conform to the construction industry, he made a life of it.



Where are you from originally?

    I was born in a little town in Mexico. I grew up on the ranch [el rancho].

Do you have any siblings?
    I have seven siblings. We are three years apart, so we didn’t get to enjoy each other much.

What was growing up on the ranch like?
    Life on the ranch was amazing. There were no worries, just like a wild horse enjoying life. We had all kinds of animals and got to play with the animals [domesticated and not]. We went hunting; it was pretty much fun. There was work, but at the same time it was enjoyable.

What is your educational background?
    I started where it is equivalent to high school here [in the US], but I didn’t finish the first year, so I don’t have an educational background.

When did you make the move to the United States?
    After school didn’t work out, I came to the United States when I was between 16 and 17-years-old. I arrived in Austin and stayed with my brother.

What was your first job in Austin?
    My first real job wasn’t that real because I got hired and then I got fired the same day. It was with a restaurant.

What happened?
    When I got there, they asked me to mop the floors. In Mexico when you mop the floors, you mop them good, so I was taking my time mopping them. Then the manager got angry because I was doing it how I would do it in Mexico. He grabbed the mop and started getting the floor wet and said, “This is how you do it.” Then he fired me.

What came next?

    After that job, my brother took me to work with him in construction.

Was it your brother who introduced you to the construction industry?
    Yes, it was not much of a decision, but I had to work.

What were your first thoughts?
    I started hanging insulation and, to me, it was exciting. It was a simple job. Then because I was so happy doing it, everybody was like, “It doesn’t itch?” I said, “No, is it supposed to itch?” Then after that it started itching. On our breaks we would lay on them. I didn’t know it would itch, until I was asked if it itched.

What happened next?

    That was my first job and then I started learning all the other things in the trade, such as framing and drywall.

When did you realize that you enjoyed construction and that this was a career path you wanted to stay on?

    I’ve always liked to learn; learning for me is amazing. Everything that is new I embrace it and it doesn’t matter what field it is.  If it is new to me I like it. At that time everything was new to me and I started learning. The learning experience is what made the job fun. Plus, the [English] language was new to me as well, I was learning that too.

Did you have a mentor?
    My brother was the first one that started teaching me how to frame walls, hang dry wall and how to set the insulation in. His name is Jonas Tejeda.

You mention a quote on your website that states you “returned to God back in April 17, 2004.” What lies behind that statement?
    In my younger days, I was living “la vida loca,” that took me to places that I didn’t want to be. And that is when I found God. But in the year 2000, I went astray again all the way up until 2004. That is when I came back to Him.

Tell us about your family life. Are you married?
    Yes, I am married, and my wife’s name is Amada. We have four children together but I have seven kids all together.

Funny, how you came from seven siblings and now you have seven children.
    Yes, I have two that are in their 20s and one is 19. Then I have a 16, 13, 8 and 5-year-old.

What are your favorite family activities?
    We are kind of a weird family
(Tejeda chuckles). The thing that we enjoy the most is being with each other. It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we are together. I didn’t plan for it to be like that, but somehow, we are attached to each other. One time my 5-year-old daughter was asked to stay over at another friend’s house and she said, “No, because I have to be with my family.”

Are any of your children interested in construction?
    I have two of them working with the company. We are going to try to keep it family-owned and operated. I have my brother, Adrian Tejeda, working with us too. He’s been with us for about 11 years.

What is the future plan for Built on the Rock Industries?

    The plan is to continue to grow. I want to expand to San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. Right now, I am working on training estimators for that purpose. We have always had good superintendents, foreman and employees.

What is one thing you want to accomplish before the year ends?

    I want to break my previous record in sales.

Switching over to your personal lifestyle, how do you revive yourself from the workload?
    Due to my relationship with God, I don’t suffer from stress or pressure. It is a journey that I enjoy with any little thing that comes my way. If there is a fire, there is always a way to put it out and move on. If there is a mistake, we fix it. Everything that comes our way has a solution. Me, personally in my way of life I don’t focus on the problem, but rather focus on the solution. I tell the people that work with us to stop worrying about what it was and just do it right or fix it and let’s move on. I enjoy what I do because of what is in me and that helps me renew, not every day, but every moment as I go. So when I get home I am not frustrated, worried or anything. My wife and kids always see me happy and peaceful. I am just enjoying the ride.

Do you have any personal hobbies or interests? What are they?
    I like classic cars. I collect them and use them. Sometimes I’ll sell the classics or trade them for another. 

What classic cars do you own right now?

    Right now, I have a ‘61 C10 and a 1977 Ford Ranger F150. I always wanted a 1977 Ford because that is the year I was born. I bought two ’79 Fords and I ended up selling them. Then I gave up on the ’77 and as soon as I gave up one showed up. And now it is in my garage.

What is the one classic car that you desire most and have not obtained yet?
    Well that’s a hard question (Tejeda chuckles). I like the Mustang Cobra, the old coupe version in blue.
    Built on the Rock Industries is a drywall subcontractor in Round Rock, TX. –lv

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