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Spotlight – Glyn Landrum, General Manager and former owner, Current Electric Inc., San Marcos

image Glyn and Linny Landrum are close brothers and work together at Current Electric.

AUSTIN – Glyn Landrum left his hometown of Rockport to attend Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos and never left. He received a degree in biology in 1977 and attended graduate school for a couple of years before leaving to go to work for what was then M&N Electric in 1980.

    After years of working for the company, Landrum bought it in 1994 from Eddie Mutschlechner, after Mutschlechner had sold the business once and had to buy it back.
    Landrum sold Current Electric in 2014 to Paul Siglinger and Clif Mitchell, but has remained on as general manager – a post he plans to retire from in about five years.

I don’t think I’ve seen Glyn spelled that way before. Where does that spelling come from?
    My mother did that to me! I didn’t know until I was in college that it is the feminine spelling of the Old English name. The male spelling is Glynn. I was in an English class and the professor was handing back papers and he started calling “Mrs. Landrum”.  He is the one who informed me my name was the feminine spelling!

Are your family’s roots in England?
    We are a mix of all kinds of things. My mother was German, her name was Loyce Shults. Her mother named her Lois, but she changed it to Loyce. She marched to the beat of her own drum.
    I look like her but my personality is more like my dads.
    My father was Robert “Bobby” W. Landrum. I have his skin.
    My mother died in 2005 and my father died in 1992.

Tell me what your parents taught you.
    My mom taught me to have faith. She had a kind heart and was always for the underdog.
    I grew up in the church but strayed away from it. Later in life I realized the principles she taught me and rejoined Westover Baptist Church in San Marcos to practice my faith in Jesus Christ.
    People here say I’m a good guy. I feel that she helped me learn how to be grounded.
    My dad worked for Ashland Chemical in a carbon black plant as a shipping manager and in the lab.
    He had a great work ethic – what I learned from him is to show up on time, which means 15 minutes early.
    He always worked. When his job became an 8-5 job, he sold cars on the side.
    In 1970, he bought a 1956 Chevy and restored it. That’s what he drove and everybody knew him. He was for the underdog, too.
    He was on the board of the Navigation District for many years. Both of my parents were involved in the community.

Tell me about your siblings.
    I have one brother, Robert Linden “Linny” Landrum. Linny retired and moved to San Marcos and now he is an employee at Current. I said, rather than sit around, come work for me and he’s been here ever since.
    My sister Mellinee is deceased.

Tell me about Current Electric.
    Eddie changed the name in 1986 when he bought the company back.
    Eddie and Ted Breihan trained many of the electricians in the San Marcos area.
    Ted still has a shop, Ted Breihan Electric, and he’s still working. We work together to help each other. We trade experiences and borrow men from each other. It keeps the employees busy in slow times.
    When I bought the business, my wife, Pamela, was president and James “Jimmy” Bolton was vice president.
    Pamela was a teacher but she retired in 1999 and came over here. We applied for HUB certification and got it in six months. That was really good for us, particularly for work at Texas State University.
    There is a workplace shortage now. We used to fill a little niche here but now we go anywhere. The new owners have three electrical companies and they use employees from all three companies across the state.

Why did you sell the business?
    It was time. I signed up with International Business Exchange and that’s how we came to find Paul and Clif. It’s worked out well. They became interested July 2014 and we worked out all the details in October 2014.
    I kept the property and they bought the business.
    I had some health problems and the running of the business was causing too much worry. I can sleep at night now! I want the business to succeed but I don’t have near the amount of stress.

So, now you are looking forward to retiring in five years?
    Yes. There are three of us. Myself, Jimmy and Clay Mutschlechner, Eddie’s son. Jimmy has been here since 1980 (he left and came back in 1986) and Clay has been here since 1978.

What will happen when the three of you retire?
    We have some good young electricians in their late 30s and early 40s here. They can do the latest technology. In October 2015, we were hiring – we had so much work. These excellent electricians just walked in the door. I think the good Lord was looking after me.
    Pamela works two days a week and helps out a lot in the HR department. She did all the bookwork for 16 years.

Tell me about Pamela.
    Pamela (Rowan) also grew up in Rockport. I knew who she was in high school, but I didn’t really know her. She also came to San Marcos for college and that’s when we really met. We got married in 1976 and we have two children, Todd, 38, who is a journeyman electrician but is now a stay-at-home dad and Sarah, 34, a historian for the Texas Historical Commission.
    We have five grandchildren. They call me Buddy.

Do you and Pamela like to travel?
    She likes to go to Cozumel, so we usually go and stay for four to six days. We also like to take our RV and go to Concan and Leakey.
    May 22 was our anniversary. We are going to Colorado in August. We like to go to Estes Park. There is a cabin there we like to rent.

What do you two do for hobbies?
    I terraced my backyard and I like to sit back there. I like to do nothing! I think I wore myself out!
    Pamela likes to work in the garden and entertain the grandkids. She’s always moving.
    I went hunting last year before Thanksgiving. Supposedly I’m a hunter, but really, I just like to go out there and enjoy nature. In college and after, I got a deer every year. I like it more now for the relaxing aspect.

Who would you buy a coke for?
    My brother, Linny. We are very close. –cw

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