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Seretta celebrates new facility

image Seretta Construction’s new location in Austin, Tx

AUSTIN - In the mid ‘80s when the construction industry was experiencing a downward spiral, concrete tilt wall pioneer Richard McPherson, PE realized he needed to find someplace other than Texas to work. A structural engineer by trade, McPherson had been designing and constructing concrete tilt wall structures since 1963 when tilt wall construction wasn’t an industry yet.


    With the plunge of the Texas economy, McPherson moved his family to Florida where work could be found year-round. In 1987, he founded Seretta Construction in Apopka, FL. His son Andrew McPherson would join the company a short time later.
    Seretta Construction, one of the original companies and second to qualify as a certified company by the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA), an international association,  opened its second location in Charlotte, NC in 2001. Andrew took over the reins as owner of the company in 2004, carrying on his father’s legacy. In 2009, Seretta Construction opened its third location in Austin.  It did not take long for this concrete tilt wall contractor to find that their Burleson Road location in Austin was too small for the growing company. “When we go into a market, it is a long term thing. We don’t just move in when times are good and shut down just as fast.” Andrew soon purchased property to build a permanent facility for its Texas branch, but it would be several years before the facility would be constructed.
    Now, celebrating 10  years in Austin, Seretta Construction celebrates by moving into their new state-of-the-art facility. “We should have been in this facility about three years ago, but it was just one thing after another. But we finally got it pushed through and done.  It is a state-of-the-art facility. Everything about it from the construction technique with its insulated concrete tilt walls, low-flow water, high energy efficient lights and appliances. It is greescaped with all native plants. It’s not a LEED building because I didn’t go through the process, but it would easily qualify. It has the most efficient AC, the best glass,  and insulated tilt walls. We have expansive cement in the floors which is an unheard of thing except for huge distribution centers, so we don’t have any control joints or saw cuts in the floor. For longevity, it’s much better. We’ve just done everything we could do including the right roof.” The new facility consists  of a two-story office space, warehouse and a separate building for their laser screeds and curb machines.
    Seretta Construction performs work all over the country. “We try to stay in our general areas, but we do travel quite extensively with clients,” adds Andrew. “We do work basically in just the private sector. No public and no government work. We do distribution centers, multi-story tilt-wall (four- or five-story), office buildings, cold storage facilities for beer, beverage, food and we also do some heavy industrial facilities for companies like Caterpillar. We do some retail work as well if it’s the right size for us. We will do pretty much anything in the private sector that is out there.
    “We’ll do work anywhere from as small as 10,000sf to our largest to-date of 2,000,000sf. We have the capability of handling anything at all.”
    While the Austin location tries to stay in the Central Texas area, they have worked anywhere from McAllen to Laredo to Amarillo, Odessa, Midland, Lubbock and anything in between. “We try to stay in the Central Texas market with a radius of 150 miles around the Austin/Round Rock area, but again, will go where our clients dictate.”
    Andrew McPherson is a native Texan. He was born and raised in Houston, attended The University of Texas before his father called him back to Houston to help in the family business where he graduated from the University of Houston before moving to Florida. “Texas is home. While our headquarters are in Florida, I’m so happy to have a part of me back in Texas.”
    Seretta Construction is a commercial concrete subcontractor specializing in tilt wall construction and specialty slabs. -cmw

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