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Cool air, ahoy

image Jeremy Cook, owner of Bluebonnet HVAC, flanked by Chuck and Ralph

AUSTIN - Not too many HVAC contractors can say they got their start or education in the trade from working on yachts. Jeremy Cook of Bluebonnet HVAC can.







    “My first experience was working on boat air conditioners and refrigerators,” he said. These “boats” were in the Florida Keys and owned by “A lot of rich people who came down and slept on their boats a couple of times a year and had a boat captain keep things ready for them,” Cook explained.
    Cook initially went to the Keys to visit his father and ended up working with him for about three years in his AC business.
    When Cook came back to Texas, he continued his work in the HVAC trade by working for several companies. But, as he said, he got tired of working all the time. “I eventually decided I wanted to have some free time, so I started a company.” That company was Bluebonnet HVAC, which started in 2008.
    Cook’s wife Kititke works alongside him, running the office, answering phones and doing the scheduling. Cook has another person working with him.
    With houses booming, Cook says it’s “usually about six years after they’re put it [is when] they start having issues.”
    “I’ve been very successful being a problem solver for homeowners who have had multiple companies who couldn’t fix the problem,” he said.
    Cook said he’s seen beer cans and an occasional not-totally-legal substance left in the attic from the original HVAC contractor. He’s also seen stuff that shouldn’t have passed inspection in the first place.
    Cook would like to expand Bluebonnet’s footprint, “but at the same time I don’t want a huge company,” he said. “The bigger you get, the less quality you put out there and it’s hard to keep track of everything.”
    “I do like getting out there and talking to homeowners,” he said. “That’s one of my favorite things about it.”
     “I’ll work on anything,” Cook said, even if it doesn’t have an anchor. Ahoy, there. 
    Bluebonnet HVAC does full-service AC and heating service, in Leander. -dsz

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