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Hearts of glass

image Aubrey and Summer Dougherty, owners of Capital Glass Distributor

AUSTIN - Broken glass isn’t usually a good thing, but in the case of Capital Glass Distributor, it was because CGD was born out of another glass company’s demise.







    The husband and wife team of Aubrey and Summer Dougherty have had more than one business venture prior to CGD. “We’ve owned a roofing company; we’ve owned a construction company,” Aubrey said, “and my wife said to me, ‘Pick something,’ instead of doing all these different things.”
    The Doughertys knew of another couple that owned a glass distribution business that was going to cease to exist for personal reasons. Aubrey, heeding Summer’s advice, “Shut down [our] electrical company and started up this one.”
    Capital Glass Distributor officially began in May 2015. The other company wrapped up all its standing orders but left word with its customers that CGD was standing up.
    “They were going out of business and we just purchased the equipment and right away opened up another [company] that was very similar to what they were doing,” Summer said.
    “We’ve grown organically, all on our own,” she added. In other words, CGD hasn’t used any investors or banks to grow.
    “We make residential insulated glass units,” Aubrey said. “We buy the products raw. It comes in on big, 4,000lb racks of glass.”
    Aubrey has a history with glass. “When I got out of high school,” he said, “I installed glass for a couple of years for my uncle. He owned a glass installation company.”
    Having an awareness of what the actual contractor/installer goes through has given Aubrey insight into the glass business. CGD fills the orders given to them by the contractor for the job he has. After previously being the hands-on person but now the glass distributor, Aubrey likes where he’s at: “I’d rather be on this end,” he said.
    Summer is the majority owner of CGD, as she has been on the other businesses they have run together. So far, being a woman-owned business hasn’t been an advantage, but the couple hopes to make it so when they can expand into the commercial world.
    “We’re four years old,” she said, “and whenever we can grow past the point where we’re only doing residential, we’ll be able to go into commercial and it [being woman-owned] will be beneficial then. We’ll be able to get federal and state-funded jobs a little bit easier.”
    The plan is to not call upon investors or the banks to grow the company. In order to get into serious commercial work, the Doughertys would have to invest in much larger equipment, and they want to be able to raise their own funds for that.
    Summer has had experience running a restaurant in her past. She’s a culinary expert. French cuisine is her specialty. Now, she helps cook up premier insulated glass for their contractor contacts. “We have the highest quality in the area,” she said.
    “We manufacture it from start to finish,” Aubrey said. “We are a supplier to the installer.”
    Aubrey spends his time going to the various contractors and letting them know CGD is there to fill their orders out of their 6,000sf facility. They cover the Austin area but make regular runs to Corpus Christi. By being a former installer himself, Aubrey can quickly connect with contractors.
    While there is no hard and fast timetable or projection for when CGD will enter the commercial market, Summer feels like they are further along after four years than she initially thought they’d be.
    Using a cooking analogy, it looks like Capital Glass Distributor has all the right ingredients to be a very successful company.
    Capital Glass Distributor supplies contractors with energy efficient glass products, located in Buda. -dsz



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