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Now u can do 2

image Jason Bauder, owner of Can Do Plumbing

AUSTIN - Jason Bauder is one of those guys who didn’t have the Aha! moment or lightning bolt down from the heavens to tell him to get into plumbing. When he was younger, he needed a job and a place to stay. He worked at a golf course and then by an HVAC/plumbing outfit.




    “I didn’t know if this is what I’m going to do,” Bauder said of plumbing. “I just kept doing it.”
    He kept doing it. While working for this HVAC/plumbing business, Bauder said he had gotten his apprentice license but wasn’t getting his hours logged. “There was no defined career path,” he said.
    All the while, “I kept hearing these old people say, ‘Man, if you get your license, you’ll make something of yourself,’” he said.
    Bauder climbed the plumbing ladder. “I wanted more so I kept going.” He eventually got his masters license in 2006. “That year, I was the youngest master plumber in Austin,” he said.
    Bauder’s first plumbing company was Cut Above Plumbing, but he sold it in 2009 and moved to Michigan for a while.
    Upon coming back to Texas, the Cedar Park native started Can Do Plumbing. His wife Jessica does all the paperwork and office work. Bauder is a one-man show when it comes to the hands-on plumbing. “The only thing I haven’t done,” he said, “is a hospital and a private complex hotel.
    However, Bauder is wanting to phase out being the hands-on, service-call-in-the-home type of plumbing business and sell it all someday.  The reason is he has come up with a better way for the customer to get the help he/she needs.
    “Customers are scared of service companies,” he said. The whole experience, Bauder said, isn’t good for anyone. He’s had more than one dangerous and not-fun experience while making a service call. Further, “The most dangerous part of what we do as service technicians is drive, flat out,” he said.
    So, what is Bauder going to do? Start up a whole new dimension to his business, called Video Chat a Pro. “My wife is the main brains behind it,” he said. With Video Chat a Pro, the customer can directly link up with not only a plumber, but HVAC, landscapers, electricians, car mechanics and appliance technicians (as of now).
    The venture is brand new and is “based upon a 15-minute session” whereby a licensed and qualified expert in each area can walk a customer through the problem.
    “The only way you’re charged is when you both connect,” Bauder explained. He said that with the world getting rougher out there, a person can still get the service they need without whatever hassles either party can go through.
    “You either pay to have someone come to your house,” and/or wait for days until that time, he said, or a person can get the problem solved quickly (if it’s doable) by getting coached by a technician on the other end.
    All the technicians are vetted and qualified. “The system kind of weeds the them out,” Bauder said. They set their own rates and are even located in states other than Texas.     
    Bauder himself has used his own web/phone service. He was walked through a vexing HVAC problem that he had had for several years, which had cost  him lots of money and which multiple service techs couldn’t fix.
    “I would not be able to build that platform had I not experienced every aspect of the plumbing industry,” he said.
    Bauder sees Video Chat a Pro as competing with the other home-help services out there, and even being used by the companies themselves to enhance training.
    “Nobody likes to change,” he said, “but we have to do it.” Perhaps it’s time to get one’s plumbing leak or AC problem fixed in a better way than before. Simply put, now we can do it too.
    Can Do Plumbing is based out of Lago Vista. -dsz

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