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In the zone

image Joey Sanchez, vice president and general manager of Staff Zone in Austin

Austin - The sports world uses “in the zone” to mean the athlete is really dialed in and is doing really well, like shooting basketballs or hitting a baseball.





    Joey Sanchez is likewise “in the zone” as the general manager at four offices for Staff Zone, a temporary manpower agency for the construction industry. Sanchez operates out of the Austin office, but also runs the San Antonio, Houston and Denver branches.
    Sanchez was in the financial world for 10 years prior to coming to Staff Zone and has been in Austin since January 2018.
    “I never knew this [type of work] existed,” he said. The construction industry is a dynamic one, keeping him hopping.
    Staff Zone does active recruiting at
places like job fares, but also takes the applicant off the street to use as their pool of personnel for contractors to hire. When Joe Person walks in off the street, he can be tested, certified and ready to go in 24 hours. “We keep them busy every day,” Sanchez said.
    Some of Staff Zone’s employers are retirees with time on their hands, folks in between jobs, and even second-chance people who are getting their lives back in order. Staff Zone bills the contractor/company, they pay Staff Zone, then Staff Zone pays the workers, who are their employees.
    The highest position Sanchez sees is the general laborer, commanding 80 percent of their requests. The other 20 percent are of the skilled trades.
    “The demand for our services is so high,” Sanchez said. Of his four cities, Houston is doing the most construction. Denver doesn’t stop even when it snows. Both Austin and San Antonio are booming. Staff Zone is expanding and opening up offices in more cities around the country in the months to come.
    “Cities change with the growth and all the construction,” Sanchez said. With four bustling cities for which he’s responsible, it’s clear that Sanchez is in the zone when it comes to filling the needs of contractors.
    Staff Zone is headquartered in Roswell, GA, and has offices all over the country to include Austin. -dsz

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