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Love can build a deck

image The crew at Austin Outdoor Living Group (L-R): Michael Foster, Dan Schellenberg, Noelalee Ragle, Ralph Ragle, Anthony Morgan

AUSTIN - When Ralph Ragle speaks about his boss, his voice radiates pride and admiration – and it’s not just because his employer, Noelalee Ragle, just so happens to be his wife.






    The praise is justified. Noelalee has worked in the construction industry since age 15, first working in a lumberyard, then teaching construction clinics and handling builder’s accounts. She was introduced to deck design when a deck builder, insisted Noelalee oversee his account.
    “That period lasted about seven years, and I fell in love with the design aspect of outdoor living,” Noelalee says. “I started my own business, Austin Outdoor Living Group, in 2000, which was geared to residential homeowners versus general contractors.”
    What started out as a deck and pergola company quickly evolved, and Austin Outdoor Living Group now offers patios, patio covers, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. Rather than use one tradesperson to do all of the work, the company employs individual trade experts – plumbers, carpenters, masons and electricians – to help deliver the highest quality work for clients.
    “What makes us stand out the most is our passion and our creativity for knowing how to accomplish even some of the more difficult designs,” Noelalee says. “I think we are really good at design and are really selective on the quality of people that we pair to build.”
    Business grew so fast that Noelalee eventually asked Ralph, who had lumberyard experience, to help with takeoff and permitting while she focused on sales and design.  It was perfect timing.
    “When we had our youngest son, she was making so much more money than I was that I had stayed home a couple of years [to raise him] while she dominated the industry! Once he got in school, she gave me a job,” Ralph says.
    Ralph likes working for his boss, and admires the way she keeps putting the great in “great outdoors.”
    Subcontractor Austin Outdoor Living Group is located in Cedar Park. –mjm

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