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Austin’s asbestos abater

image Asbestos Consulting and Environmental owner Chris Mayer on the go

AUSTIN - With over 15 years of experience, Chris Mayer is the proud owner of Asbestos Consulting and Environmental. Born and raised in the city he loves, Austin, Mayer primarily serves within the city and surrounding areas. Wanting to also branch out, recently Mayer opened up a sister property in Dallas, TX.




    “Austin will always be my home. The city’s population is expanding, and I look forward to that,” Mayer said.
    His first out-of-college job in the late 80s was with an environmental consulting business in Austin. This was around the time asbestos awareness grew. The discoveries lead to findings of health and environmental hazards. Because much needs to be done to fix this problem, the findings also lead to many environmental businesses.     Mayer worked for several large firms around town. Working for a specific engineering firm was a great opportunity for Mayer; he traveled around Texas and encountered many projects that would definitely help him in the long run. He knew he had enough experience and ambition to become an environmental business owner. In 2005, Mayer took full control, making his own money and making his own schedule.
    Asbestos Consulting and Environmental conducts Phase One environmental site assessments, air testing, inspections and abatements. Mayer is experienced in lead, mold and asbestos. Usually services in
asbestos alone keep Mayer busy all year round. Mayer enjoys conducting surveys because it is an opportunity for him to be an investigator and plot diagrams.
     Mayer says his company is founded on the principle to provide “friendly, top quality services at reasonable fees.” Clients deal directly with the owner himself for all calls, consultations and labor. Asbestos Consulting and Environmental serves both commercial and residential clients.
    Aside from providing personalized environmental services, Mayer can be seen golfing and spending time with his girlfriend and friends. He played for The Lizards, one of the longest-running baseball teams in Austin history. The team members grew up in the same neighborhood and are still close today.
    Asbestos Consulting and Environmental is an environmental contractor in Austin, TX. –tnp

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