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Arnold is pleased

image The Plumbinator crew (L-R): Mickey (owner), Daisy, Tim, Victor, Jennifer, SteveO, Shad, Sandra.

AUSTIN - Mickey Womack has two philosophies on the subject of work: (1) “If you love what you’re doing, it’s really not work.” (2) “If you quit working, you’re useless.” This one came from his German uncle.





    This hearty, German worldview is evident in Womack. “I’m German,” he said, “and we work until we die.”   
    Womack started The Plumbinator in April 2009, after working at Custom Plumbing for years. His attention to detail and dedication to his craft was noticed, and he was encouraged to work for himself.
    Finding leaks is Womack’s specialty. He has a lot of experience in digging up pipes. During his high school days in Lubbock, Womack worked for his plumber uncle digging up sewer and water lines, although he didn’t use a backhoe. “My uncle was cheap,” he laughs. “I was the backhoe.”
    Womack turned his attention to computers and worked for AOL, but grew tired of that grind, so it was back to plumbing. “I got into this just to help people,” Womack said. “I take pride in my work.”
    Of the early days, Womack said, “We just did it by the seat of our britches.” Now, The Plumbinator has eight employees, including Womack’s son Tim, wife Wendy and cousin Sandra.
    Womack has seen his share of less than dedicated plumbers, but is quick to say, “I’ve seen some beautiful work out there. There are great people everywhere.”
    Womack isn’t shy when it comes to referring a potential customer to another plumber friend if he’s too busy. “We’re all working together,” he said, of the plumbing trade. “We’re here for the community. We’re really a brotherhood.”
    With homes getting older and having their plumbing infrastructure basically rotting away, causing leaks, Womack will never lack work. “I’m not trying to get rich,” he said, “I just want to work and help people. That’s being rich.”
    If you need Womack to find a water leak but is busy, don’t worry - he’ll be back.
    The Plumbinator is a plumbing contractor in Austin. -dsz

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