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Around the State - San Antonio

image The Beldon family L-R: Marshall Beldon, Mackenzie Beldon, Brittany Beldon, Susan Beldon, Dylan Beldon and Brad Beldon.

AUSTIN - War story glory - Brad Beldon has a good “war story” about how his grandfather Morry Beldon founded Beldon Roofing Company.







    “Morry was on General Patton’s staff in the war and he came through Fort Sam twice,” Brad explains. “Morry and his wife Ann decided that they liked the warm weather in Texas better than they did in Boston. They moved here with three little kids under age 10 and started a roofing business here in January 1946.”
    One of those children, Michael, began helping out at age 12, followed by Michael’s son Brad at the same age.
    “We grew up in the business and learned it from the bottom up,” Brad says. “Both of us only had one job outside of the company; my dad sold shoes and I worked for another roofing contractor in Washington, D.C. area.”
    After earning a business management degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Brad moved back to San Antonio with his wife Susan to work full-time in the family business. Currently serving as Chief Cultural Officer and CEO, Brad has made his mark in the 30 years since.
    “I’ve added the technology aspect and the ability to travel,” he says. “We were a residential contractor; in the ‘80s, we blossomed into doing commercial and started traveling outside of Texas. We’re licensed in 42 states. We work in up to 10 states a year.”
    Brad and Michael also started a gutter company in the ‘90s and last year sold the 11 branches outside of Texas to concentrate on the local market. The Beldon family is also establishing a foundation to benefit charities.
    Several family members are enlisted to help in Beldon Roofing Company. Susan helps with collections, and Brad’s first cousin’s son-in-law, Brandon Mazzocco, is director of operations. Brad says three of his four children have also shown interest in the company.
    “My brother and I had a responsibility to hold the torch for 30 years,” Brad says. “Now we can pass it on to the next generation.”
    Roofing subcontractor Beldon Roofing Company is in San Antonio. –mjm

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