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From surfing to carpentry

image The Austin Carpenter owner, Jonathan Sievert

AUSTIN - As a Texas native, Jonathan Sievert was born and raised in Houston, TX. Later on down the road, he decided to spend eight years in Hawaii where he developed his love for surfing. However, most of Sievert’s friends live in Austin, so he decided to make the big move to a new city in Austin in 2008.




    It was a reassuring thought, coming back home to his home state in Texas. The move was also triggered by there being more business opportunities compared to Hawaii, according to Sievert.
    For close to 10 years, Sievert owned a jewelry business in Austin. During the time he spent owning his jewelry business, he began gaining an interest in the carpentry field. He sold his jewelry business in order to start a new chapter in his life. On the bright side, the experience gave him knowledge in owning a business.
    As of now, Sievert is a proud owner of The Austin Carpenter where he services the entire Austin area, especially in the Austin hill country. Even though it is a small business with only four employees (including Sievert), they do stay busy. Since Sievert’s father is happily retired, he likes to help his son when he can and will help clean up after big projects. The Austin Carpenter services both residential and commercial needs such as decks, pergolas, and framing. The most requested service is building and repairing decks. Recently the company completed a whole finish-out on South Congress.  “It was both a challenging and rewarding experience.“
    The company is excited about introducing cabinetry services in the near future. Sievert owns land in Lakeway, TX and is currently in the works of opening a brand new location for him and his workers. The new workspace will provide extra room for supplies and workstations. It will also be closer to Sievert’s home.
    Sievert has always been a people person and enjoys interacting with his customers. “I like dealing with people. It is always good to see their face when the job is done, and they are pleased.”
    What also draws Sievert into carpentry is being able to be creative and solve complex obstacles. He enjoys the problem solving aspect of carpentry because everyday brings a new set of hurdles to solve and overcome.
    It is important for Sievert to be able to give back to his community. He has provided work opportunities to those who are seeking and needing experience and work. Sievert believes everyone deserves a second chance. “I help people get back onto their feet when they need help.”
    The company likes to get together at Sievert’s home for BBQ in the backyard. It is easy for everyone to be able to get together all at once due to a small and close-knit team.
    Sievert still has a love for surfing, which he developed in Hawaii, but he is not able to do so because the sport is not feasible in Austin. It is a love and skill that he continues to cherish.
     The Austin Carpenter is a carpentry subcontractor.  -tnp

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