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“Mr. Air LeGare” cools Austin

image The Coolest owner, Mark LeGare, taking a walk enjoying the breeze

AUSTIN - Born in New Jersey, Mark LeGare did not stay put. He grew up traveling around and settling wherever his parents were stationed. Classified as an “army brat” growing up, he decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps. Not long after graduating high school in Copperas Cove, TX, LeGare joined the Army.




    At the time, he wanted to leave his hometown and did not intend to come back. LeGare was also eager to learn a new trade. In the Army is where LeGare got his start in the field of air conditioning services and earned his ETA certification. He served in the Army for a total of four years.
    LeGare moved to Austin, TX in his early 20s and has called it home since 2008.  It was during this time that he came up with the idea of owning his own business as well. From start to present, it was a 20-year journey in the making. The first eight years were dedicated to learning about owning and running a business. LeGare knew he needed capital and experience before getting started and worked hard by “putting the nose to the grindstone.”
    As the owner of The Coolest, Mark LeGare also goes by the clever name of “Air LeGare.” The company has been in business for a little over two years.  LeGare loves being his own boss and considers himself a tough one too.  Even though being an owner is not always peachy, it is worth it to LeGare.
    “The positives outweigh the downsides of being a boss, and I would not have it any other way,” he said.
    His service range is the greater Austin metropolitan area or, as he said, “Round Rock to San Marcos and as east as Bastrop to as far west as Spicewood.” Currently, there are four service trucks, two installers and two technicians. LeGare sees his team as a work family and wants to keep it that way. They have annual work New Year’s parties to celebrate their accomplishments.  This year, plans are to expand in employees as business continues to grow.
    The Coolest focuses on maintenance, installation and repair of HVAC systems for commercial and residential. Since Austin is notorious for its bar scene, it gives the company an opportunity to provide services to many bars, especially on 6th Street. Servicing a number of Jack in the Box franchises is one such major project.
    The most requested services are installation and replacing HVAC equipment. During the summer is when there are high requests for repair services. Having a broken air conditioning unit is not fun in the Texas heat. Every service is important to LeGare, no matter how trivial it seems.
    “We focus on jobs as small as installing a spiral duct for a CBD shop and big jobs like replacing 30 tons of cooling for Jack in the Box,” he said.
    A huge portion of work performed is through word of mouth. LeGare having a consistent downtown presence and making himself known helps.
    In his free time away from his busy schedule, LeGare enjoys watching movies and playing video games. He stays active by swimming and hiking. Spending time with family and friends is a major part of LeGare’s life. He spends time with his girlfriend and his Boxer named Bosco. A longtime hobby is playing rugby and hosting an annual rugby event with his team. LeGare also likes to do sponsorship for different athletic events.
    Upcoming plans for the company include focusing on growth in employees and clients, taking as many service calls as possible and continuing to expand in clientele. LeGare does not want to force a specific agenda, but rather let his business naturally grow and excel. LeGare’s chief priorities are service and customers.
    “The ultimate goal for The Coolest is to provide the best HVAC work and best customer service in Austin by making sure our clients are happy and taken care of,” he said.
    The Coolest is an HVAC contractor in Austin, TX. –tnp

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