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Steel growing

image Ted Turner overlooking shop at Patriot Erectors

AUSTIN - When Patriot Erectors LLC began exploring expansion possibili-ties, the steel fabricator and erector didn’t have to search far: The company recently purchased Trinity Steel Fabricators, with whom Patriot had collaborated on numerous projects.





    With 75,000sf of fabrication space and a 300-strong workforce in Dripping Springs, Patriot was already a formidable force in the steel industry. Through the acquisition of Trinity Steel Fabricators, which is located 90 miles north of Houston in Trinity, Patriot gained 85,000sf and 120 fabricators and personnel.
    “We have been in a growth mode for a few years now and were actually keeping our eyes and our minds open as to whether we wanted to expand into another facility, do a grassroots kind of expansion, or find somebody to buy,” Patriot Erectors LLC’s Vice President and General Manger Ted L. Turner says. ”Trinity came up in the middle of that planning, and it seemed to make a lot of sense. We had worked with them for a number of years. They are AISC-certified, as are we. The location was good. So when they became available, what really made the most sense was to expand through this acquisition.”
     Turner says the acquisition is beneficial for Patriot and Trinity and is driven by a gap Patriot has noted in the marketplace.
    “We’re unique in our focus on customer service. That’s how we built our reputation. We’ll respond to our clients’ needs; we’ll bend over backwards for them. We’re set up to do quick-hit kind of things where our competitors are not,” Turner says.
    “We have clients that have a need for our focus on customer service,” Turner adds. This [acquisition] allows us to cover more of that need geographically as well as in volume. The other thing that was appealing to us is that we very much like to grow from within and give everyone an opportunity to advance their careers and stay with us. For both the people at Trinity and the folks already at Patriot, this really kind of doubles that opportunity.
    The acquisition is beneficial for customers as well.
    “Capacity is the biggest piece for them,” Turner adds. “We’ll be able to meet more of their needs quicker because of the added capacity. The location makes it easier for us to ship things. We work in the Houston area so with the fabrication facility closer to Houston, our turnaround time to react to emergencies, so to speak, for clients is better. Trinity does a lot of work in the heavy industrial market; we dip into that market, but not as much as they do.”
    For the short term, Trinity Steel Fabricators will be known as Patriot Trinity before it transitions to what Turner says will be “one company, one name.” As the 28-year old company welcomes Trinity into its family, Turner believes Trinity will start feeling like they really are part of the family.
    “I think the people at Trinity are going to find a really good mesh in values, in our core values and the things we try to accomplish and the opportunity it gives them,” Turner says. “Our company-declared values [are expressed in] the acronym STEEL: Safety, Teamwork, Ethics, Enthusiasm and Leadership. We’re going to be safe, first and foremost. Every problem has a team; we don’t have a ‘That’s my job/That’s not my job’ mentality. That atmosphere is something people really seem to enjoy and seem to respond to. The fact that our employees and our clients count on us to do what’s right and ethical even when it’s not convenient, I think that appeals to people. It’s a fun place to work. We often say, ‘If it’s not fun, why are we doing it?’”
    Patriot Erectors LLC is a commercial steel erector and fabricator in Dripping Springs. Trinity Steel Fabricators is a steel fabricator in Trinity with two fabrication facilities. –mjm

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