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Wouldn’t trade it

image John Sallas, owner of Armadillo Foundation Repair

AUSTIN - John Sallas says he is a jack-of-all-trades and master of one: foundation repair. He learned it at a young age working for his father, Jerry Sallas, who got his own start in foundation repair in 1977. John dabbled in other types of construction work as he grew older, but eventually came back to work for his dad’s business, Armadillo Foundation Repair.



    With Jerry’s retirement, John now runs the business, which staffs five employees (including John’s wife, Natalie, who answers the phones). The company offers slab and pier-and-beam foundation repairs, demolition and concrete work. John enjoys educating customers on his company’s complex processes.
    “A lot of people don’t understand the issues that are there, how to correct them or what foundation repair is all about,” John explains. “They really don’t know what they are looking at. I try to explain everything and make them feel more at ease about their situation.”
    As the company’s operations man-ager, John also enjoys using his skills to bring about the desired result.
    “I love working with my hands and feel a sense of accomplishment when we turn someone’s house around and get it level after it’s been out of shape,” he says. “I think I’ve seen pretty much everything out there, but at the same time, I’m never surprised when something new pops up. I would probably like to see something that I’ve never had to deal with from a learning and challenge aspect.”
    The only challenge John won’t accept is an unhappy customer. He says he and his employees make sure the foundation of their relationships with their customers is a solid one.
    “We try to keep an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and keep a good reputation with our customers,” John says. “I hope the company holds prosperity. There’s a lot of competition in this area! We strive to please everybody; we make everybody as happy as possible.”
    Subcontractor Armadillo Foundation Repair is located in Del Valle. –mjm

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