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Waste not


AUSTIN - Colter Williamson was a business and finance major in college. He always wanted to own his own business. What he did not want to do is work in a cubicle for a pharmaceutical company, in the customer service department, answering, “literally, a hundred phone calls a day,” mostly from doctors, taking their orders.



    Williamson turned to Mr. Google and looked up businesses for sale in Austin. He found a man who owned one dump truck, which serviced about 25 dumpsters.
    He also found a man who was able to fund the purchase, and Williamson worked for him until he could buy him out, making him the sole owner.
    Meanwhile, Williamson’s friend from church, José Castaneda, had bought a portable toilet company. As it turned out, both guys were getting calls for the other’s services. They kept referring folks to each other. They realized that it made sense for them to join forces and form one company. WastePros began in August 2018.
    Williamson handles the construction waste with his dumpsters, while Castaneda runs the portable toilet division. A neat feature to this side of the company is the luxury bathroom trailers - high-end rigs that are used by some of the big corporations for events like company picnics, etc. These babies are all decked out and contain their own water source. Sweet.
    Williamson’s dumpsters are rented 50 percent of the time by contractors, and 50 percent of the time by private individuals who are just cleaning out their garages. That’s a lot of stuff.
    Williamson’s wife Lyndise (who also used to work at that same pharmaceutical company) has joined her husband in his company, running the back office.
    Williamson says that having his own business is “fantastic. Wouldn’t go back for anything.”
    If haste makes waste, no problem. WastePros can handle it all.
    WastePros handles all aspects of waste removal, located in Round Rock. -dsz

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