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In a glass of its own

image L-R: Regina, Felix and Lori Munson

AUSTIN - When Felix Munson bought Anchor-Ventana Glass in 1984, the company employed a staff of 24 in a modest Round Rock facility. The company has since moved to accommodate their growing staff, which expanded to more than 130 employees and tackles notable projects such as Austin Community College’s San Gabriel campus.




    As it grew, however, Felix wanted to ensure that his company wasn’t just large enough for the major work it was doing but qualified for that work.
    “As our company grew and as the demands of the industry grew in a litigious environment, we felt like we needed to make sure that we did an internal review of ourselves and our qualifications to do major jobs with major contractors,” Felix, the company’s president and owner, says. “In this evaluation, a third party, North American Contractors Certification (NACC), involved reviewing our business practices, our safety program, our quality management systems, contract administrated processes and our glazing technique and processes, where we were glazing according to both national standards and by those of the manufacturers of the products we were installing.”
    After Anchor-Ventana went through the review, the company became one of only 16 nationwide to hold the NACC certification – and is the only company in Texas to have the distinction.
    Felix says the achievement cements his confidence that the company is prioritizing the right matters.
    “When you have a third party come in who inspects companies throughout the United States and looks at established practices, we want to make sure that we have implemented the best practices,” Felix says. “For example, if it’s regarding safety, we want to provide the best safety possible for our staff, on the job or in the plant. When a third party comes and looks at you, your program, your documentation, and your adherence and compliance with generally accepted safety practices and the law, it makes you feel good because it’s not something you’re interpreting. It’s something that a professional is looking at and saying ‘You’ve earned this. You’ve proved it.’ That’s applicable in contract-administrated processes and company business practices.”
    “Also, going to our general contractors and explaining to them what this certification is shows them that we want to focus on safety on jobsites,” adds Anchor-Ventana’s Director of Business Development Regina Munson. “Having a third party assess our company demonstrates that we take extra steps to strive to be the best glazing contractor in central Texas. I just think it speaks volumes to our general contractors that we have this certification.”
    “I would say that it’s given us an opportunity to look at areas we could improve in employee development and training and communication,” Felix says. “But that aspect is ever-changing with the demographics of the people who are in the workplace. It’s a really good opportunity to share information, not only through the certification program, but we also get the ability to network about best practices.”
    Felix says it has been a worthy investment.
    “We’re very proud of this,” Felix says. “This is our second year to be certified and it’s an expense we incur. It’s the cost of doing business but it’s almost like a fitness program. You go to the gym and you don’t achieve your goals overnight,” Felix says. “We’re constantly working on ourselves to be a better value to our customers.”
    Anchor-Ventana Glass in Round Rock is a full-service provider and installer of fabricated glass and metal for the construction industry. –mjm

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