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He’s cooking with glass

image Daniel Monzón of Monzón Glass Co.

AUSTIN - Every time Daniel Monzón goes to Austin’s Tortilla Factory, his attention is on one thing – not the tortillas (although he does find them delicious) but the glass partitions, windows and door.






    “Every time we drive to dinner there with my friends or my family, I turn to it and say, ‘Hey, I built that!’” Monzón, owner of Monzón Glass Co., says.  “It makes me feel proud that we are helping to build Austin and I do my part.”
    For Monzón, the pride he feels for his projects never gets old. The 44-year-old’s career has come a long way since he arrived in the United States from Mexico 25 years ago and began working as a helper in 2006.
    “I learned how to do this work and my ambition pulled me to start my own business and make some more money,” he remembers. “One day, I decided to go for it and started my own business five years ago. It was kind of hard because it was my only income, and I was looking for customers, but my former boss was a nice guy and he helped me a lot. My wife and two daughters don’t help now, but when I started the business, my wife helped to install showers until I could hire someone part-time.”
    Currently, Monzón employs a full-time employee and is in the process of hiring part-time help. He says Monzón Glass Co. specializes in “small, well-done” commercial projects.
    “Installing showers is our main thing, but we also do glass replacement, storefronts – anything that has glass on a house or business,“ he says.
    Monzón says the he hopes to continue to grow the business.
    “I’m looking for a place to establish a shop,” he says. “Eventually, I want to get two guys and one more truck and we’ll see from there. That is what I am thinking for the near future.
    “We’re really happy about our success, that we’re making it,” Monzón adds. “We’re getting better every day.”
    Monzón Glass Co. in Manor is a glass subcontractor offering services to Austin and surrounding areas. –mjm

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