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Roll of change

image Bryan Thibodeaux, Massif Concrete production manager inside their shop located in the south part of Austin.

AUSTIN - Massif Concrete production manager Bryan Thibodeaux, an avid coin collector, is always on the hunt for that prized penny: a 1982 D. The transitional coin, if in good condition, could fetch him $100,000 or more, and sometimes he will buy rolls of pennies just to see if one might appear.




    Even if he could cash out on that copper, he has no intention of leaving his work, which he has enjoyed doing for the past six years. Thibodeaux, who had a remodeling and residential construction background before joining Massif Concrete, started off as an apprentice for the company.
    “I didn’t know much about concrete when I had the opportunity to start working with Larry Isgur part-time; then, he gave me full employment and I worked my way up. I learned how to weld and do different carpentry; I just learned every aspect of it pretty quick to where he left it to me to take care of it. I’ve been running the company for about two years now ­– talking to clients, getting bids, producing and installing the work, getting materials.”
    Thibodeaux now has the opportunity to work with Massif Concrete’s new owner, Gabriel Cassady. Isgur, who established Massif Concrete in 2004, recently retired and sold Cassady the business.
    “Gabriel is from Alabama and has been in Texas for about two years,” Thibodeaux says. “He did concrete manufacturing so he has a lot of different experience with types of molds and other concrete products. He wanted to buy a turnkey business, own a company and start doing what he wants to do.”
    Thibodeaux says that, as much as he will miss the outstanding working relationship he enjoyed with Isgur, he is equally enthusiastic about working with Cassady and is excited about the change this next phase will bring.
    “I’ve talked to Gabriel quite a bit, and we’re looking at reorganizing the shop to where we can produce more and be more efficient, and we hope to come up with some new product lines,” he continues. “We do woodworking and metal, and we want to diversify. We definitely want to increase our sales and we’re going to try to make that happen. We want to grow the company and get more income for it.”
    Currently, Massif Concrete is operated out of a shop in the south part of Austin. The company doesn’t currently need a showroom, as the bulk of the orders are custom-made for clients. Thibodeaux says working as part of a two-man operation offers him the perfect arrangement.
    “It’s a job that worked out really nice,” he says. “I get to educate myself in how to do concrete countertops and more.”
    Thibodeaux says the job also offers him the flexibility he needs to spend weekends with his 9-year-old son and do the activities he loves.
    “I like to spend time with my son; he loves fishing so we go fishing a lot,” Thibodeaux says. “I like to do things outdoors; I go hiking and try to hunt whenever I can. Whenever I get a chance, I also like to look for coins. I’ve done two years of research; there are so many different varieties. I’m just trying to find that one special rare coin to make some money on the side.”
    Although there will be a different kind of “change” under the business’ new ownership, it won’t be of the loose variety. Thibodeaux says that he wants to assure customers that “nothing is going to change” when it comes to the company’s focus on quality.
    “I want to guarantee people that we are still Massif Concrete and we still go by our guidelines and our high quality workmanship,“ he says. “I’m sticking around with the business and nothing is going to change. Our quality will remain the same.”
    Massif Concrete in Austin offers concrete surfaces for commercial projects including bars, sinks and countertops. –mjm

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