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Newly acquired firm keeps local name

image Gary Raba will continue to run the RK operations.

AUSTIN - Founded in 1968 and having just celebrated 50 years in business, Raba Kistner Inc. (RK) has been acquired by an Australian engineering firm, Construction Sciences.






    Raba Kistner has been operating in 10 markets in Texas, Utah, Nebraska, Arizona, New York, California and Mexico with a firm size of nearly 500 employees. Through this acquisition, RK will be able to expand their services, which has been a goal for the company. “We are operating more and more on a national level with some of our services all over the country.  This gives us some more muscle to do that and to compete with national and international firms on that front,” says Joe Irizarry, senior vice president and chief marketing officer.
    RK’s services, which include project management and oversight services, forensic engineering, construction material engineering, testing and observation, geotechnical engineering, testing and pavement consulting, environmental consulting, infrastructure oversight and quality management will mesh perfectly with Construction Science’s services. Construction Sciences services also include construction material testing, geotechnical and environment consulting as well as subsurface utility engineering. Together, they will be providing the full package.
    The much larger Australian firm approached Raba Kistner as a means to take flight in the United States.  “They were attracted to Raba Kistner because of our team, the way we do business and our success,” says Raba Kistner Inc. Chairman and CEO Gary Raba.
    Having served as one of RK’s executive leaders since 1999, Raba will continue to run the RK operation. And the San Antonio based RK will keep the Raba Kistner Inc. name.
    “Our company has a clear purpose to build a better world for our employees, their families, our clients and the communities we serve. This aligns perfectly with Construction Sciences’ purpose,” adds Irizarry.
    Raba Kistner Inc. is headquartered in San Antonio. -cmw

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