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True to what he can do

image A wood plank concrete patio done by Texas Custom Concrete.

AUSTIN - What is the coolest thing you have ever seen your father do? For Jeremy Brackin, it was when he was seven or eight years old and he saw his father take a rubber stamp and put it on top of the concrete while it was still wet. It created a brick pattern and Brackin thought, “it was the coolest thing in the whole entire world as a kid.”




    Brackin’s father introduced him to the concrete industry because his father did concrete work in Austin. Brackin started helping his dad at the age of 13. “From that point on I fell in love with the decorative concrete portion of it,” he said.
    When Brackin got out  of college from A&M Unversity, he decided to open his own company back home in Austin. It was in 2009, when he opened his first company. He remembers his first project in Austin; it was an animal hospital. Then while undergoing the recession at that time Brackin decided to specialize in decorative concrete. He worked on the Austin Aquarium. But, for a brief period Brackin got out of the business owner industry and went to work for element7concrete. “I worked for them for about two years and then I decided that I was going to open up my own company again,” he said.
    In 2015, Brackin established Texas Custom Concrete. The company does decorative concrete, concrete counter tops and sinks. “Anything that is decorative in the concrete industry is what we do,” said Brackin. “One of the cool things we like to do is a wood plank. We take an old slab like a driveway and cut it into wood planks. We will stain it and grain it with acid stain to allow it to look like an actual wood plank. It is becoming pretty popular,” shared Brackin. In fact, Brackin says he is one of the only ones who will do this because he knows how to do it.     Then a recent unique project he worked on because no one else would was for a customer’s cinder block home in Kingsland, TX. Brackin did a 5in. concrete roof over the top and it was all made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Brackin also added decorative concrete to the walls making them look like rocks.            
    Texas Custom Concrete’s service area is about 150 miles from Austin. Right now Brackin has one helper because he wants to keep things “low key.” Brackin wants to stay in the Austin area and see how they do this year.
    Texas Custom Concrete is a decorative concrete contractor in Austin, TX. –lv

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