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Entrepreneur satisfaction


AUSTIN - Who doesn’t want to do something for themselves, whether it is a one-hour massage, a ten-day cruise or investing in their futures? Matthew and Pamela Counts sure did and they did it in a big way: In 2006, the couple decided they were ready to start their own business.




     Having both been in the corporate world riding the perpetual rollercoaster of layoffs, limited advancement and lack of true stability, Matthew had had enough.  He asked his wife, “Pam, I have an idea and if you can put your trust and confidence in me, I’ll go out there and start this company.” And so he did. Together they started Longhorn Fire & Safety and never looked back.
    But starting a company was no easy task according to Matthew.
    “I think starting a company is probably one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. Lots of hard work,” he says. “When we first started this company it was just [us]. I would go out and pound the pavement, knocking on doors everyday. I just walked from business to business asking them if they needed help with their fire extinguisher inspections. We did that for at least three years consistently, 8am to 5pm, with me going out pounding the pavement trying to get new accounts. Pam would come home after working an eight-hour day and put in another couple of hours doing all the necessary paperwork of accounts payables, receivables, etc. It took a while and it was tough. Money was tight, numbers were tight, but I am so thankful and happy we did it. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
    Today, Longhorn Fire & Safety has seven full-time employees and one part-time employee. They serve clients from Waco to San Antonio with plans to open a satellite office in San Antonio within the next year or two.
     “There is a great deal of satisfaction with the machine of it all. [I enjoy] creating the situation where people have solid jobs, getting the calls, filling the orders, getting out there and getting it done, making our customers happy. “
    Longhorn Fire & Safety is a full-service fire extinguisher supplier and service company in Austin. -cmw

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