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Equipping the field

image Jack Westbrook, account manager for the Lawless Sales Group.

AUSTIN - The Lawless Group isn’t a mega-warehouse like, say, Amazon, which sells anything and everything. Instead, Lawless represents specific manufacturers and sells those items to those who need them.






    For instance, if you need a generator, Lawless sells and distributes Generac generators. If you need storage equipment, it carries the Knaack line.  If you want patching material, Lawless represents Perma-Patch.
    Jack Westbrook is based in Austin (Lawless’ headquarters is in Dallas). He’s been with Lawless for over 20 years now and considers it to be “the premier rep agency in the United States.”
    Westbrook started out in the industrial supply business in 1990, spending six years doing that before coming over to Lawless. He works directly for the manufacturers of the products that Lawless carries, with a focus on the industrial, commercial and safety markets.
    “We maintain warehouses and distribution facilities for the manufacturers we represent,” he said. Westbrook covers central and west Texas, with about a 50-50 split between the oil/gas industry and commercial construction.
    With multiple locations in the Gulf States, Lawless stands ready in case the weather turns nasty. “We bring generators in by the truck load when a hurricane comes through,” Westbrook said. “We have distributors who buy them by the truck load.”
    Westbrook says that Lawless’ line up of companies and products is very robust, and is very cautious about representing new companies. But with an ever-changing and dynamic world, Lawless keeps an eye open for new and emerging products. Lawless attends many trade shows to see what’s not only out there, but that which may be coming up. Who knows? Somewhere, out there, someone is inventing a new type of wrench or ladder. When that item is built and fills a need, people out in the field will need it. Maybe the Lawless Sales Group will carry it.
    Lawless Sales Group is headquartered in Dallas, with a sales rep in Austin . -dsz

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