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Scaffolding vision

image Bilt Rite Scaffold co-owners L-R: Jeff and Chris Kelley, co-owners

AUSTIN - Right out of the military, Charles Kelley went to work for a scaffolding competitor as a yard manager. Before long he was promoted to sales/project manager, becoming very versed in the scaffolding business. Following Kelley for nearly a decade, good friends Terry Norris and Dale Rundell approached Kelley to open a new company.






    The trio founded Bilt Rite Scaffold in 2006 offering scaffolding design, rental, sales, and erection and dismantling services to Austin market. 
    Bilt Rite, “the-little-scaffolding-company-that-could,” hit the ground running and has been making a name for itself ever since. While the company’s ideal coverage area is a 100-mile radius of Austin, Bilt Rite has been successfully performing work all over the state of Texas, and now, out of state as well.
    In 2015, Charles’ sons, Chris and Jeff Kelley, purchased Bilt Rite. Chris, 25, assumed the role of CEO/general manager. Jeff, 27, is the company’s vice president. Having their father as a role model, the duo has been carrying on, expanding the company into new heights with the assistance of long-time employee, Veronica Lopez-Vera. One of the company’s first employees, Lopez-Vera started out building scaffold and is now the company’s office manager.
    Since the two Kelley brothers purchased the company, Bilt Rite has had a lot going on expanding both geographically and project wise offering scaffolding services in all areas of residential, commercial and industrial. In addition, they are excited about their safety record since acquiring the company of having no loss days. If you know scaffolding, this is a “big deal.”
    The Kelley brothers seem to truly have a knack for this. After taking over Bilt Rite Scaffold, they have managed to expand their horizons starting Bilt Rite Insulation, Bilt Rite Contractors, and Affordable Drill Towers. They have teamed up with ATTAG Training to offer scaffold user safety training and scaffold competent persons training to individuals and groups.
    Bilt Rite Scaffold is a full-service aerial solutions provider in Austin, TX. –cmw

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