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Drilled into him

image David W. Erfurt president of Erfurt Blasting Co. Inc.

AUSTIN - Forty-six years have passed since the late Marcus Erfurt established Erfurt Blasting Company Inc. and 26 years since his son, David W. Erfurt, took over the business. While David can remember the sound of his father’s voice doling out advice, he doesn’t have to look beyond his company’s thriving atmosphere to feel his father’s influence.



    “One of the ways he influenced me is that I should not get myself too far extended financially,” David says. “Businesses can go under really quick if they think they can take on the world. We’ve been really smart about that.”
    Heeding his father’s wise words has allowed David to grow the company to 35 employees that do general site work on local projects such as shopping malls and golf courses. It has also enabled them to take on special projects throughout Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. David says that he recently scored his “dream project” – One hundred miles of cross-country pipeline.
    Despite the growth, David says he considers his company to be a “small family business. We’ve got some key guys that have been with us. When most of our employees come on board, they stay with us; they don’t go somewhere else. My head blaster, Robert Flores, has been with me since he was out of high school. He does a great job and takes the lead with all field operations; he runs everything out there. My second lead blaster, Chris Horton, can run and oversee any project out in the field as well.”
    While some of David’s most valuable lessons came from his dad, some were learned through experience.
    “I’ve learned a lot, but once you get down to it, it’s about the technical part and pleasing customers. Our customers are repeat customers. We don’t advertise, yet our phones ring every day and I get emails every day for projects.”
    David hopes to continue to build on his father’s (and his own) years of good work.
    “I hope in the future it’s going solid and strong,” he says.
    Drilling and blasting company Erfurt Blasting Company Inc. is in Round Rock. –mjm

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