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Industry Folks - Jon Alvarez, Coppera, LLC

image Jon Alvarez, Leadman, Coppera, LLC, Taylor, TX

AUSTIN - What is it like being the oldest of eight children? Jon Alvarez knows. Alvarez was born in Austin and grew up in the outer Austin area. He has four brothers and three sisters who still live in the Austin area also. As the oldest brother, Alvarez acknowledges that kids grow up fast in today’s world.





    Alvarez and his wife Erica portray a power couple focusing on their futures before they decide to bring someone into the world. “I am trying to graduate and my wife is going to school for nursing. We are trying to provide and do it the right way before we try to bring someone else into this world,” said Alvarez.
    He is currently the leadman at Coppera, the plumbing and commercial services company. He has been with the company for three years and will be graduating from the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) in June 2019.
    Turns out Alvarez had been around construction when he was younger. “I had some grandparents and uncles that did masonry work, landscaping, automotive and a little bit of welding here and there.”
    After high school, a family member introduced Alvarez to the plumbing industry. Coppera is the first and only place Alvarez has worked within the plumbing trade.
    “I like knowing how important plumbers are, especially in the commercial industry. Plumbers have their hands on the project first and they are usually the last ones to leave.”
    This hard-working eldest brother has discovered his own path in the plumbing industry and will continue to grow. Here are a few words of wisdom he shared are for those in or starting out in the industry: “If you ever work within different types of phases, always bring out your code book.” He knows it is good to enlighten oneself because codes always change. “It’s always good to know what’s changed and what hasn’t.”
    While at work Alvarez enjoys what a new day can bring on a jobsite. One day in Round Rock they were drilling at a dog kennel for McNeil High School. “The drill all of a sudden gave out and come to find out there was a huge cavern underneath the jobsite. That was pretty cool and unique because when they showed us the pictures…I mean it’s a cavern that no one has been inside of for thousands and thousands of years!”
    Alvarez loves nature and said being there at that moment to witness that “was really cool.”
    Alvarez is no stranger to nature. His favorite spot to get in a good hike is at the Greenbelt in Austin. “It is good to hike, get some fresh air and get away from the city life for awhile.”
    So, what is it like being the oldest of eight children? It is a humble journey for this soon to be journeyman.  –lv

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