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Sanctified service

image Roger Osborn, founder and owner of Osborn Plumbing.

AUSTIN - Roger Osborn, owner of Osborn Plumbing, as clear guidelines with which to run his business: “I tell people that we try to work like we’re working for Jesus.”






    Each morning they meet to go over policies and expectations, keeping the bar set high.
    The Bastrop native originally wanted to be a math teacher, studying as Southwest Texas State (now Texas State, San Marcos). While in college, Osborn decided, “I liked plumbing better than I did going to school, and that kind of started the journey.”
    After getting married to Carey, who now helps in the office, Osborn worked for Bailey Plumbing, who gave him a lot of responsibility at a young age. “He put me in charge of his service department and was fortunate enough to learn on his dollar.”
    After a stint with America Oil near Houston, Osborn came home to start his own plumbing company in May 1977. At first, it was just he. Then he hired his first help about a year later. Now, Osborn has five plumbers on staff.
    “I’ve never been a big company,” he said. “I’ve kept it small to where it’s easily manageable.”
    With a 20-25 mile radius, Osborn will put a new apprentice with his most seasoned plumber for training.
    Osborn doesn’t spend as much time in the field as he used to. “Most of what I do out in the field is get estimates,” and then solves problems that “need a little bit of gray hair.”
    One of the biggest changes Osborn has seen since he started has been in the advertising area. In 1977, it was word of mouth, people seeing his truck, or the newspaper and phone book that got the word out. Now, the majority of his new customers find him from Mr. Google.
    Even after so long, Osborn laughed and said he still trying to figure the business out, but “haven’t gotten a grip on it yet. I’m still learning!”
    One big lesson he’s learned though, when it comes to being a master plumber, there is still only one Master, and He guides Osborn every day.
    Osborn Plumbing is a residential and commercial plumbing company in Bastrop. -dsz

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