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Capital gain

image The Austin team Heartland Acoustics & Interior.

AUSTIN - Jason Gordon didn’t open the third branch of his company, Heartland Acoustics & Interiors, in Texas’ capital city to “keep Austin weird,” although what he does is unique to the city. While scouting out a Texas location to complement his Colorado and California offices, he couldn’t help but notice Austin was indeed a bit different.




    “When I came to Austin two years ago in my market research, I found out there are no ceiling companies here; they’re all drywall companies that also do ceiling,” he says. “Austin is unique in our niche of the world in acoustical ceilings and sound treatment because there aren’t any companies in the Austin market that do just that niche. You can look at that one of two ways. You can either say, ‘Wow, no one is doing this. It may not work,’ or you can say, ‘No one is doing this! This is an opportunity for us to carve our own way. Let’s prove this market needs what we have.’”
    Gordon, Heartland’s president and CEO, decided Austin would be the perfect place to carve his own way. In August 2016, he started from scratch, knocking on doors and selling as much as he could in between flights back home to Colorado. By October of that year, he had leased a temporary space and hired an estimator and general manager. In a matter of months, Heartland Acoustics & Interiors had announced its arrival through its work.
    “One of the first projects we landed was the Austin Bergstrom Airport renovation, which we’re wrapping up,” Gordon says. “Our next one was the Oracle project at Waterfront; it was a new campus that got a lot of high-profile press. We’ve done other projects in the area, including a large remodel of a Dell campus in Round Rock.”
    The company isn’t just moving on projects; in October, it will be moving to a new location. Gordon purchased a new building at 1205 Sheldon Cove and is preparing it as a base for his 30 Austin employees. He says this office will mirror his other locations in function and style.
    “Our office was built out of the working showroom so we display many of the products we install or sell,” he says. “We did the same in California and Colorado. I’m really big on having a pleasing workspace; our people work hard and spend a lot of time at work so we want to have a really cool space. We have game rooms and relax rooms and it’s nice, clean and professional.”
    Gordon knows how to establish in new markets and take care of employees because he has been around the industry his entire life. His father began doing ceiling and acoustical work in the 1960s and moved to San Diego to establish his own company in 1987. It was perfect timing for Gordon, who was in college studying architecture and happy to help out with Dad’s new venture. Gordon changed his major to construction management, spent years learning the ropes, and established and incorporated Heartland Acoustics & Interiors in November 2007. In May 2008, he got to work.
    “We now have about 100 employees across the company. We’re headquartered in Denver, CO and we service the entire Rocky Mountain region and Wyoming. In 2008, we expanded an office to San Diego [in Carlsbad], where I had relationships; we’ve been in that market for about 10 years and service San Diego and Orange County. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary with a huge party in Denver.”
    “We have market growth in Austin and we’re growing in Denver and San Diego. My plan is for further expansion and to take the Heartland solution to other markets,” he adds. “Our vision is to be the preferred ceiling and specialty contractor in our market. That’s our guiding metric; what we all are shooting for is to be that preferred contractor. When someone thinks of ceilings and wall treatments, we want them to immediately think of Heartland.”
    Interior specialty contractor Heartland Acoustics & Interiors in Austin specializes in acoustical ceiling and acoustical wall treatments. –mjm

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