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A rash decision

image L-R: Donavan Collins (manager), Debora Lobo-Collins (estimating department), Rigoberto Lobo (owner), Ellery Leiva (owner)

AUSTIN - Rigoberto Lobo is allergic to his work in the stucco industry – literally! – but the opportunity to work with his family is worth the risk.







    “My family is from Honduras; I came here 10 years ago to Texas. We started as laborers and learned step-by-step about the stucco while working for big companies,” Lobo says. “My brother, Franklin, was the first one in our family to work in stucco, and I went with him to work for six months. I got an allergic reaction on my skin to the wet concrete, so I left the work and began working with heavy equipment.”
    Three years ago, Lobo returned to work with his brothers (avoiding all contact with wet cement this time) and helped formed their company, now known as Leiva Lobo Stucco Services LLC. Today, the business includes Lobo’s dad Rigoberto Sr., brother Ellery, sister Debora and his brother-in-law.
    Lobo’s favorite project was stuccoing parts of Killeen for the filming of the National Geographic miniseries “The Long Road Home” about the 2004 “Black Sunday” ambush. Lobo and his team scored the job when someone from the production in Fort Hood called them to inquire about using their plaster pump. 
    “We were proud to do that job and to know about these people who died,” Lobo says. “It was a really exciting experience for us and we learned a lot.”
    While more work means more wet cement to react to, Lobo is sure he and the company can handle it.
    “We keep busy; people know who we are and what we do and we want to grow as a company,” Lobo says. “We keep working and try to do our best to make the customers happy.”
    Subcontractor Leiva Lobo Stucco Services is located in Austin. –mjm

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