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The current name is …

image L-R: Lyle, Thane, Leroy, Trent and Eric Wilkins

AUSTIN - Since Wilkins Electric was established by B.A. Wilkins in 1959, it has had a few “nameovers.” When B.A’s son Eric Wilkins took over the business after his dad retired, it became “E.T. Wilkins Electric.” After Eric’s older brother jumped in to help with the avalanche of work in 1976, the siblings renamed the company Wilkins Electric Inc. This is the name that has stuck, even as two more brothers, Lyle Wilkins and Thane Wilkins, joined the fold.


    But the Wilkins brood is too busy working to argue about another name change.
     “Leroy is the vice president; he does all of the bidding, handles all of the materials, and schedules the employees,” Eric, who is the company’s president, explains. “Lyle, who serves as secretary, mainly works in services and he likes to work on the kitchen islands. Thane is the treasurer, and he works out in the field. While we have our disagree-ments like anybody else, we work together pretty well.”
    Three years ago, the brothers were experiencing a slow period and were admittedly burned out after decades in the business. Ready to breathe new life into the company was Eric’s son Trent Wilkins, who decided that his dream of a law enforcement career was not what he wanted.
    “My son came in really gung-ho,” Eric said. “Of course, with him coming in, I got really excited. I really enjoy being around my son, who is a journeyman electrician. We have 25 employees and 30 builders we do work for and the business has really grown. I think Trent will continue it. He’s a hardworking kid, sharp, very personable. I am really proud of him; he’s special.”
    But will the name stay the same?
    Subcontractor Wilkins Electric Inc. is located in Austin. –mjm

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