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Underneath it all

image L-R: Stephen Reveile and John Nelson

AUSTIN - Recycling is part of their demolition process. “We [deteriorate] everything from the landfill that we can and recycle as much as possible,” said President of A&R Demolition and Heart of Texas Demolition, Stephen Reveile.





    Recycling has always been “a very big part” of their progress and success. “We try to maintain an 80-90 percent recycle rate,” said Reveile.
    Reveile is a born and raised Austinite, running two separate companies, both of which are Austin-based.
    While A&R Demolition has been around for 20-plus years, they actually started as a hauling and clean up company. Eventually Reveile and his brother Raymond ventured into demolition. “My older brother started this; we started as kids and grew the business into what it is today,” said Reveile.
    A&R Demolition service areas are state line to state line. “We try not to travel outside of the state anymore. We are focusing on Texas right now,” adds Reveile.
    Some of the major jobs they have accomplished are the Austin Convention Center, Cowboys Stadium in Irving and Maverick Stadium. The company also services to small jobs, they do not limit themselves to the big jobs. Reveile says, “We are very active in the Austin community, on the small level as well as whatever comes up large.”
    The slogan Reveile has used for the past 20 years is, “When we knock ‘em down, they stay down.” He shares, “Believe it or not, a lot of people like it, so we are known as that.”
    Today, Reveile has a business partner, John Nelson, who is part of his business now. Both are very active in the company. Not only is Reveile president to both companies, he is also acting project manager.
    When circling back to the recycling process, Reveile mentions an active project A&R Demolition is completing in San Antonio. The project is a million sf  factory. “We are recycling all the concrete and then putting it back into the foundation of the building pads,” said Reveile. He goes on to mention that it is not something you see done in the demolition industry very often. “It will probably pick up and become more popular, but right now there are not many people doing that.”
    In terms of recognition of their projects, a reason for being awarded is because they are “so big on the recycling.”
    Recycling is also done with Heart of Texas Demolition.
    Heart of Texas Demolition is a company Reveile started eight years ago. Heart of Texas Demolition service area is Austin. They do not travel outside of Austin.
    We agree that Austin is a busy city in many aspects. The growth and restructure are reasons why we need demolition. “Where there is something being built, there was something torn down prior to. We have a pretty active role in most of those jobs,” he said.
    Reveile’s goal for Heart of Texas Demolition is to maintain the Austin market.
    Even though, Heart of Texas Demolition focuses on the Austin market, they are still spread out with work. They maintain 10-20 jobs at all times. “Sometimes there is more, sometimes there is less, depending on what’s going on in Austin.”
    So, to be clear, Reveile runs two separate companies. Yes, he is occupied with work, but one day his children may come on board to help. He shares his love for his two children, an 8-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. Reveile said, “Both have expressed the desire to take over my business (laughter). So we’ll see how that works out.”
    A&R Demolition and Heart of Texas Demolition service commercial, industrial and residential. –lv

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