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Rocks of ages

image David Lawhon, founder and owner of Black Diamond Masonry.

AUSTIN - When thinking about his family’s ties to masonry, David Lawhon comes to the conclusion: “I guess I was born to be a mason.”








    Lawhon is the founder and owner of Black Diamond Masonry. There’s no special reason why he named it so; he just thought it sounded good.
    The Austin native has been involved in masonry his whole life, beginning as a 9-year-old working for his father, which he did for 17 years.
    His father, meanwhile, did some genealogical research, tracing the family’s roots back to Ireland where his ancestors were – you guessed it – masons.
    Before Black Diamond, Lawhon had another company called Design Masonry. But after nine years of doing that and getting frustrated with the self-employed angle, he ended that and worked for other construction and masonry outfits.
    But in 2012, while working on Ft, Hood, the superintendent offered to help if Lawhon should ever decide to go back into business for himself. Thus, Black Diamond Masonry was born.
    The company has done a lot of work on Ft. Hood, as well as projects like the Texas State School for the Blind and for the Fiesta Restaurant Group.
    Lawhon’s son now works for him and his daughter handles administration. His other three children have no interest in following their father in the trade, as Lawhon wants to steer them into something else anyway.
    As to the future, Lawhon laughs and says, “I might continue doing this for
another 10 years or I might decide next week I’ve had enough.” The plan is to leave the company to his daughter and son which will be good as “she can make it a minority-owned business.”
    The Lawhon genealogical tree is built upon the foundation of stone and mortar, not sod and grass. Black Diamond Masonry began not in 2012, but generations ago in the old country. It continues in Texas.
    Black Diamond Masonry is a mason contractor in the Austin area. -dsz

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