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The fondest hunt

image Brady Johnson with his prize gobbler

AUSTIN - Collins Johnson, president and owner of Conquest Demolition shared one of life’s most precious memories this turkey season.






    Since Easter fell on Apr. 1, which just so happened to coincide with the opening day of Turkey season at their ranch, he and 9-year-old son Brady, slept in their guest quarters so that they could get up early without waking the rest of the family Easter morning.  Johnson had all their gear loaded and ready to go.
    The dual arrived at their ranch before daylight, jumped into the Polaris Ranger and headed out to a spot in the woods Johnson had already picked out. Settling in behind some bushes under a low hanging tree, it was time to quietly fall into place and become one with nature.  
    Pulling out his turkey call, Johnson started yelping and clucking.  Quickly, he was engaged in some steady dialogue with a few gobblers and even had a few hens clucking back in an attempt to lure their interested gobblers elsewhere.
    It took about an hour and a half, but Johnson was able to call up several gobblers, coming from different locations, but joined up as they strutted down a trail towards their decoys and hen call.
    Although excited with anticipation, Brady stayed steady and waited until the biggest gobbler was close enough for a good clean shot.  Raising his gun, he fired and down fell one hell of a big bird.  “Brady turned to me with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.  He shook my hand like a grown man, ‘I got it Dad’, and then hugged me hard like a young boy will do.  He was happy and proud, but he respected that bird and very glad to see that it did not suffer,” says Johnson.  -cmw

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