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Impacting your safety

image Lisa Taylor, regional manager of Impact Fire Services.

AUSTIN - Even though fire protection systems are a staple of modern life, one really doesn’t notice them on a day-to-day basis.






    Until they’re needed.
    For Lisa Taylor, regional manager for Impact Fire Services in Austin, fire protection and safety are non-negotiable.
    “It’s 100 percent life or death,” she said.
    The Houston native originally wanted to go into police work, but started working for her father in the fire protection business when she came home early from college. That was 24 years ago.
    Even though it’s a different line of work, fire protection still results in the same thing as being a police officer: public safety.
    Taylor went through the apprenticeship program from the ground up, continued moving up through the ranks and was asked to be a regional manager last April.
    Impact Fire Services began in 2009, and was acquired by Caltius Equity Partners in 2012. This has enabled Impact and their partner, Academy Fire, to expand beyond Texas to Florida, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah and Nevada.
    Here in Texas, Taylor is one of two regional managers. She covers Waco, Austin, San Antonio, College Station and
Dallas. She has five general managers
working under her. Her job is to make sure day-to-day operations are running smoothly. She is constantly on the go and is very hands-on in the areas under her responsibility.
    At Impact, it all comes down to the technician. Taylor says there isn’t a “big divide between the field and the office.“ Labor and management not only work but socialize together, resulting in a family atmosphere.
    (On a side note: One hasn’t lived until they’ve been to one of Impact’s many crawfish boils. They take as much pride in their cooking as they do their fire protection systems.)
    According to Taylor, Impact’s technicians “take a ton of pride in what they’re doing.” They often engage in duels of bragging rights on who can do a more precise job installing their products.
    Fire protection is a dynamic field. One of the bigger challenges is corrosion in the piping systems. Taylor said that Impact is a leader in Texas for corrosion control.
    Fire alarm panels are constantly getting better, smaller and more high-tech.
    When it comes to codes across a state as large as Texas, the national ruling is that local jurisdictions have the last word. Even with the variations between Texas cities, many times the only difference is “who gets the email.” Bottom line: code enforcement is “really good in Texas.”
    “I like the way Texas runs and operates,” Taylor said.
    With an ever-expanding reach, Impact Fire Services is making its presence known to many more customers, even if they don’t notice the fire protection system around them.
    Taylor summed it up well: “It’s an amazing career to have.”
    And we appreciate that.
    Impact Fire Services provides installation, repair, service and inspection of fire safety systems, with offices throughout Texas. -dsz

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