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By all means

image The Reliable Air team - middle: Arthur Allen and Cheryl Espinoza

AUSTIN - They’ve been on the right track. Family, work, faith and speed are all important to Arthur Allen and Cheryl Espinoza, owners of Reliable Air, a heating and air conditioning company that was established in 1996.





    She remembers when they first started because she was on maternity leave at the time.
    As the business progressed from residential jobs to commercial projects, the Espinoza’s work with some of the same contractors today. “We still work for the same contractors because that’s the kind of relationships that we’ve been building long-term,” said Cheryl.
    Right now they are finishing up a Hays County Barbeque in San Marcos. They also do a lot of churches and design builds.
    Juan Davila, an employee who is also a deacon at a church in Lockhart, had help from his workplace at the end of last year. Davila was donating time to help do renovations. Reliable Air donated all the equipment and materials.
    “Whenever we get a chance to give back, we do,” Cheryl said.
    She emphasizes that because they are a faith-based company they always try to service churches at a minimal profit.
    This year the company will reach 22 years of business in September. Cheryl will not forget the day Arthur came home and said, “I think I’m going to start my own business.” She replied, “I’m on maternity leave, but okay I’ve got about six weeks to help you get it started.”
    In terms of growth this year they have a 60% new construction growth goal. Which is why they decided to bring in an additional estimator. That person will be trained to estimate in both residential and commercial.
    The company has 16 employees who are a part of the company traditions, such as praying together on a regular basis. Of course, birthdays are celebrated and the Espinozas will bring in breakfast and a cake.
    The Reliable Air team also fishes together at their annual fishing trip down at the coast. Around October is when they take whoever would like to go and bring along their families. 
    Now we talk about the importance of speed within the company. No, not working faster, but the company logo travels fast on a 2015 Chevrolet Copo Camaro. “It’s a rare car and anybody who is a car enthusiast knows what that means,” said Arthur.
    The Camaro is Arthur’s passion. He’s always been involved with some sort of motorsports. He got his first motorcycle when he was only 8 years old. “I remember my dad bringing it home.” Espinoza no longer races on motorcycles, but he does still have a Harley.
    Now his company sponsors his race car. In fact, just this year Arthur received his National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) license. So, he’s raced locally and they’ve traveled to Oklahoma a couple of times.
    Arthur’s first NHRA event was on March 23rd. He wants to try to qualify for a national event. “Maybe that Reliable Air car logo will be on TV,” said Cheryl.
    People ask them all the time “What do you all do? What is Reliable Air because you must be doing good to have this car?” Espinoza always responds by saying, “I do air conditioning and heating, but I have this car because God has blessed me with my business.”
    Reliable Air is an air conditioning and heating service in San Marcos. –lv

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