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image L-R: Jonathan Miranda, Ulises Moran and Rafael Resendiz Jr. in front of some acoustical stretch wall in downtown Austin.

AUSTIN - Team members from Heartland Acoustics & Interiors have started a new tradition. The Austin branch general manager, Randall Larson, says last year they went to the UT vs. Kansas State football game with selected clients and partners.






    President of Heartland Acoustics & Interiors, Jason Gordon, accompanied them. “That’s a big deal for us because Jason is a K State alumni and all of us Texas boys out here are in huge support of UT,” said Larson. Did Mr. Gordon have his Wildcat gear on? Larson says, “Oh yeah! He came dressed in purple and I was out there in burnt orange.” The Longhorns took that win.
    Larson shares that this year they are going to try to see UT vs. USC because that’s always a good game. He says they may bring out their San Diego counterpart because he grew up in LA, so they’ll have that friendly rivalry going on again.
    In 1998 Jason Gordon started Heartland Acoustics & Interiors in Denver. The third branch, which is the Austin branch, opened Oct. 2016.
    As Gordon was getting ready to open the office in Austin, Larson was working for a drywall company. Yet, for many different reasons, he decided to do something else. Larson and Gordon were put in touch through mutual contacts. “He liked me and I liked him,” said Larson. 
    He admits he wasn’t the first one hired in Texas. Their first employee was estimator, Daniel Gonzalez. “He has done a fantastic job of being our salesman and getting out, bidding and closing a lot of jobs we’ve been landing. He’s someone who has been with the company from the very beginning.”
    The Austin branch is working with Hensel Phelps at the airport, replacing all the ceilings in the existing concourse. They are also finishing up a project with Ryan Companies.   
    Larson and his team have strived to launch the Texas branch of Heartland Acoustics. “Now contractors in the area are starting to break out the ceilings from the drywall package a little bit more. They are starting to see that we bring something to the table; we can bring additional manpower, expertise and sometimes we can add cost value.”
     He mentions their newest hire, project manager Brian Stackhouse. Stackhouse comes from the communication world as an operations manager and project manager. “He’s been a great addition to our team.”
    Out in the field, they have a young superintendent named Ulises Moran. Even though he is the young one of the group he brings his own cleverness to the big boy table. Moran is tech savvy and in his spare time likes to make videos and record music. “One of the things we had him do in addition to being our superintendent is working with our safety manager to develop some instructional and safety videos,” said Larson. “He’s got a lot of energy and great ideas.”
    There has been a great start for the Austin branch. In April the team will be having their annual Spring company picnic, bringing all of their field and office employees together. This will be the first company picnic in Texas.
    Heartland Acoustics & Interiors are an acoustical and specialty ceilings subcontractor. –lv

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