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Heads up, ya’ll!

image Daniel Herrera, Jr. (2nd from right), owner of Heads Up Cleaning Specialists and team.

AUSTIN - Daniel Herrera, Jr., literally grew up in the family business. Now he runs it. Heads Up Cleaning Specialists was begun by his parents, Daniel Sr., and Imelda Herrera, in Lockhart, TX, about 30 miles from Austin, in 2001. Herrera began working with his parents when he was still in middle school. He first thought about going into law enforcement, then attending college to study business. But when Imelda’s health became an issue, Herrera saw the opportunity in continuing with Heads Up. He took over as president and marketing director in 2010.


    The Heads Up team can handle any type of work, from janitorial to post-construction clean up.
    The largest job to date was an 80,000sf rehab center in Dallas, which took a full month to complete. The crew would drive up on Monday, stay the week, then come home for the week end.
    Normally there is a rough clean first, then a final clean as there is always more post-construction traffic.
    When it comes to customer satisfaction, no news is good news in this business. “People are more apt to complain than give good news,” Herrera says.
    Herrera is very hands on in order to ensure a quality job. He visits every job site and constantly monitors the on-going post construction needs. Even if a contractor is quite messy in its work habits, that provides job security for Herrera  and the crew.
    The name “Heads Up” came from a tip his father got concerning a cleaning opportunity. Now, for Herrera, “Heads Up” means being able to hold one’s head up high after doing a job with pride and integrity, resulting in customer satisfaction. Word of mouth is a key method by which Heads Up gets new jobs. Herrera says that he “makes sure we keep our clients happy.”
    Heads Up Cleaning Specialists is a service provider located in Lockhart. –dsz

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