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Red or black


AUSTIN - Charming and witty describes Ryan Rowland, owner of RDC Paving. This go-getter and his team like to get the job done and make their clients happy. “We have a good work environment, every day is fun. There is not one dull moment,” he says.




    The company was established in 2014 and Rowland’s inspiration came from wanting to create his own destiny and not work for somebody else. He’s done just that and brought six team members with him.
    Last year the company kept busy, but when time allows, Rowland likes to catch a plane to Las Vegas. He’s not much of a Vegas show guy, but does like to gamble a bit. His tables are craps, Russian roulette and Blackjack. As charming as he is, he’s honest too. “I try to make more money, which I usually just lose it,” he jokingly admits. Do you think the RDC Paving team teases him when he’s back at work? The answer is, yes. They’ll ask him in a joking manner “How much did you lose this weekend?”
    On the company’s fourth year of business, we asked if there was room for growth. Rowland said they enjoy what they do and are going to stick to the same area of what they are doing. As far as expanding goes, “Yes, I would like to add a couple more people and keep growing.”
    Rowland tells his employees to always work hard and do the best they can, so when they leave at the end of the day they know that there is nothing that can go wrong. Also, so the client is happy.
    Speaking of happy, some happy times the company has had together are when Rowland takes them out on his boat. They’ll go wakeboarding and tubing. Hanging out and bonding is always a great way to keep up with one another. Almost everyone in the company has a child and it’s nice to have a group of coworkers to get together with.
    RDC Paving is an asphalt contractor serving Round Rock and Austin.. –lv

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