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The flow of things

image A few Hydro Resource crew members getting ready to leave the yard. L-R: Canon Kutscher, Fred Smith and Aaron Marsh

AUSTIN - Without hesitation Chris Knox, general manager for Hydro Resources in Dripping Springs said Fred’s brisket is his favorite. The company has a few guys that participate in the Founders Day barbeque in Dripping Springs. It just so happens Fred Smith, one of the pump installers, has been grilling for a long time and is darn good at it. Smith doesn’t stop there; he also makes his own sauce to top off the brisket.



    The Hydro Resources branch is a smaller branch compared to others. Knox has been with the company for 3 years. “We have eight branches from here all the way out to the west coast,” says Knox. This branch has 18 employees and Knox says everyone goes to Jody Sedgwick, when they have a question or need something. “Go ask Jody!” There are three ladies that run the show on the office side of things. “Jody our office manager has been with us for 12 years, maybe longer. She’s sharp and she keeps all of us in line.”
    While Jodie keeps everyone in line, Ray, another driller comes in every day with a smile and makes everybody laugh. “He’s a real morale booster.” He’s been with the company for 2 years.
    Within the next four to six months the company will be looking to add employees to their team. They are also planning to grow while looking at new areas within the market to branch out into. The company will also receive new equipment that will allow them to drill in areas that they haven’t in the past.
    The company primarily focuses in the commercial water well application, industrial, agricultural and municipal irrigation. The Dripping Springs branch does domestic work throughout the area as well.
    “Geologically speaking, drilling on the west side of 35 and hill country is a different type of drilling than on the east side of 35. We are set up to drill on the limestone over on the west side. We are getting mud equipment so we can drill over on the east side and pursue other opportunities.”
    Knox assures that there is no job too big or small. “That’s one of the benefits of being a part of Hydro. If it’s a big project we have plenty of expertise to handle it, but if it’s a small one we are located right here and can tackle it for customers.”
    A recent big well project they finished was in the city of Jarrell for the Sonterra Municipal Utility District. In fact, they drilled a well down into the lower trinity that nobody in the area had done yet. “We went down about 1800-ft, producing a good amount of water. Actually we are about to install pumps in there and get them online.”
    Water well drilling is the job, but in terms of team building, this branch has kicked around the idea of having a company softball team. By any chance can Fred bring his mouthwatering brisket to practice? 
    Hydro Resource provides groundwater con-struction services. –lv

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