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Ask and you shall receive

image The Centex Personnel Services team. L-R: Amy Vittonel, Rome Roman, Dezarae Mendoza, Shawnda Harrison, Michael Franklin, Vanessa Kimball and owner Tony Tijerina

AUSTIN - Construction has highs and lows. The low is being able to find qualified, reliable workers. The high is in the completion of a job and a satisfied customer. Tony Tijerina, owner of Centex Personnel Services, had the vision to have construction at its all time high.






    He was once with a corporation for 20 years, which he left to start his own business. The inspiration to venture off came from within. Tijerina wanted to do more for the workers. “Working for a corporation you are limited to what you can provide directly.” Centex started 7 years ago. As a staffing provider of labor and general labor, Tijerina’s office at 5am is packed from anywhere to 100 workers in the shop ready to work.
    The man who organizes the daily work activity from the morning to the evenings is Rome Roman, head dispatcher. “He’s been with us since day one. Rome is the guy that puts the worker and the work together.”
    Tijerina also highlights his sales team who are the ears, face and voice of the company out on the field. Vanessa Kimball, who is in sales, has been with Centex for 5 years. She’s down to earth and loves to hunt and fish just like Tijerina. In fact, they’ve gone casting and shooting together. Kristin Dewitt, another in sales, has been with the company for 3 years. Centex human resources and office manager, Amy Vittonel, is another asset to the team. Between the in-house team and the laborers that are lined up to work, Tijerina instills in them to do a good and safe job. “In the construction industry, accidents happen, so we really push safety first.” Tijerina acknowledges the laborers with the need to satisfy them. His drive was to please the laborer that he sees every day.
    The drive doesn’t stop there. Keeping construction at its all time high is also done by the coordination of their customer appreciation event. In August the company gathers all their customers, past and present to come together and embrace the livelihood of one another. Tijerina gets the contractors and general superintendents together. He says it’s a great place to meet people and say hello to old friends. The response of someone saying, “Hey man I haven’t seen you in years,” is good to hear. There have been times the superintendents and project managers hear about it and go back to work the next day, writing an email to Tijerina stating, ‘Hey I didn’t get an invite.’ Tijerina says, “It makes you feel good because it gets bigger and bigger every year.
    With all the excitement of seeing one another, the event gives away prizes. “We give a vacation trip away, rifles, fishing rods, fishing trips and hunting trips.” Hang tight everyone August will be here soon.
    Centex currently covers north and south of Austin, but that’s about to change. Tijerina lets us know that there is a need to be in San Antonio. He says a lot of their customers are currently working in San Antonio. So, they plan to be there this year.
    There is always room to grow in construction, just like there is always a need for skilled laborers. Hey, construction have no fear, your skilled laborers are here.
    Centex Personnel Services is a staffing provider. –lv

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