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Paving his own way

image Bill Holmes, president of Integrity Paving and Coatings, conducting a review of the employee safety manual with Jessica Holly and Allison Haimes. 

AUSTIN - Bill Holmes honestly wasn’t trying to “keep up with the neighbors” when he decided to get into the paving business.








   “I was looking for something to invest in passively after unwinding my residential construction business in 2009,” Holmes explains. “One of my neighbors owned a paving company and when he sold it, my radar went up. I had never thought about the paving industry, but I realized there was a significant opportunity there.”
    Holmes began to research his options and one company in particular piqued his interest.
    “Truth of the matter is I was just looking at other companies and Integrity Paving and Coatings just kind of popped up out of the blue,” he remembers. “They were looking for a director of sales and when I went to talk to them about that, it transi-tioned into me investing in the company in 2011, becoming the managing partner in 2012 and buying the other three partners out in 2013.”
    As the company’s new president, Holmes relied on his business degree from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, his experience working for two heating and air conditioning manufacturers and the lessons he learned as a residential construction company owner.
    “I started researching the industry and the companies in the industry, and where there may be a niche that was underserved,” Holmes says. “My background is in logistics, and it led me to focus on areas where I thought a small company could stand out. So our primary focus is concrete and asphalt, paving, repairs and coatings for multifamily, commercial, industrial, medical and retail projects. We do some street work, but very little. Our focus is on property management companies.”
    “I also think how important it is to be a generalist,” he continues. “Building your own company, you really have to be a generalist in every facet of business. The key is finding good mentors and getting involved in educational opportunities and learning from your subcontractors and your employees.”
    Holmes prizes his relationship with his 14 employees. He often invites them to step away from their work to sit and eat barbecue or tacos with him or he hosts an off-site activity for them to enjoy. He’s also proud of their big hearts and expertise when they perform work for free for communities that have been impacted by unfortunate events.
    As he approaches his fifth year of helming the company, he sees how his approach and the hard work of his team have paid off.
    “We’ve consistently grown 20-25% annually,” he says. “I’m fortunate that I’ve got some real good people working for me and that they’re young. The opportunity is to give them a career path that will give them both security and quality of work life. We’re a debt-free company, which helps! The other part is to build a solid foundation where not only do we serve our customers and our community but also our employees and their families.”
    Integrity Paving and Coatings is a sub-contractor located in Austin. –mjm

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