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Solid roots

image Chance Foreman, vice president of Ames Mirrors and Glass

AUSTIN - The name changed in 2003 and they’ve been growing ever since. Vice President of Ames Mirrors and Glass, Chance Foreman, was hired this past year to scale and grow the company to new heights. The company noticed all the growth of Austin attracted Houston and Dallas companies to take over the glass market. Foreman tells us he was hired to eliminate that and make sure to keep the construction and glasswork here local with an Austin based company.


    In 2017 Ames biggest project was the Hilton hotel right off of Hwy 35 and 2nd street. “We fabricated and installed sound proofing because it’s right off the freeway so it was really loud. We came up with a system where we kept their existing windows, but we installed more windows on the inside pane to create a sound barrier in all 180 guest rooms. That was one of our larger more exciting jobs that we did,” says Foreman.  
    Ames is family owned and operated. Owner Troy Shugart is a second-generation glazier. Mr. Shugart’s father owned a glass company out of Houston in the ‘70s. Then he branched out and started his own business in Austin in 1985. Foreman adds, “He’s my uncle so I’m a third generation glazier. We are working together on scaling, growing and cornering our market up here.” In 2018 Ames plans to grow from 10 employees to hopefully 40 to 50 by the end of the year.
    Foreman and his uncle also have plans for giving back. Foreman’s daughter is a spinal cord injury patient from birth. He’s involved in spinal cord injury awareness and the Christopher Reeve’s Foundation. He sits on the board of directors for them. “We’ve decided that at the start of the year for every job that we do we are going to donate one dollar to the foundation and we’ll cut a check at the end of every month.”
    These glaziers are ready and looking forward to a clear-cut year.
    Ames Mirrors and Glass is a premier contract glass company serving central Texas. – lv

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